Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Birthday Number 5!

We have entered the stage where birthdays are epic for Bridget.  For months the subject of her birthday came up at least once a day.  The list of presents would grow and get trimmed down again.  Bridget's birthday (Saturday) started a little after 6:00 am.

Cinderella crown!!!!!

"This is different."
High-heeled princess shoes.  They go with everything.
After her preschool class went bowling SEVEN MONTHS AGO, Bridget started hatching a plan to have a birthday party at the bowling alley.  I called to reserve the VIP room six days in advance (I waited just in case she changed her mind again) and lucky for us it was rodeo days here in town and no one else wanted to have a bowling party in the VIP room on Saturday.  We had to limit the number of friends for this party, but it was still loud and fun.  (Bridget called Grandma and Grandpa a few days before the party and asked them to come.  "There will be pizza and cake and you can bowl!")

They played "Cinderella" on the big screen above the bowling pins, all the kids had soda in those big drinks, AND they were taking turns bowling.  Can anyone else predict what happened later that night?  Meltdown much?  So cute, though to see them so excited about everything.
The brothers got passed around a lot while we took our turns.  Bridget couldn't contain her happiness and she had to give Colin a kiss.
Tyce was the only boy there.  He chose the orange ball even though it weighed 12 lbs and he bowled a 98!  I'm really glad Tyce was there because he doesn't hide his complete joy when he's feeling it.  (A little perspective, I bowled a 66.  Same score as Cody.)
After the bowling and pizza and cake Bridget opened presents.  All the little girls came over to get a closer look and help get things open while Tyce hung back.  So funny.
From left to right is Cody, Clara, Grandpa & Colin (Tyce is watching the movie at the other end of the couch), Bridget, and Reagan.  Look at their bowling shoes!  Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!
This was the turning point right here.  Bridget got Rapunzel hair from Grandma and Grandpa!  All the girls' eyes glazed over with envy.  It's a good thing it was the last present.  (Colin was not as impressed.)
So many feelings.
I drove the kids home and listened to them make jokes and laugh maniacally at how funny they are.  "I know!  Tyce is a... MUSKRAT!" "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"  "I know!  Bridget is a... CAR SEAT!"  "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"  They forgot I was there, so I got to hear Cody talk and laugh for the first time ever.  When we got home Bridget invited me to take a picture of her in her Rapunzel get-up now that it was complete ("except the slippers").

By the end of the day Emil's head looked like a disco ball, what with all the glitter floating off the Rapunzel dress.  (She got the dress with birthday money from relatives.  Now y'all know your money went toward a good, sparkly cause.  Ha!)  It took a while to come back to reality for Bridget.  There were some very Divas Live! moments, I'm not going to lie.  Yesterday we were home all day together and she helped me clean and take care of babies.  While the boys were napping she insisted that we play dollies in her room, which was the most fun I've had for days.  I told her I was kind of sleepy and she said, "You can take a nap on my bed."  It was only fifteen minutes, but when I woke up the room was clean, Bridget was dressed, and she'd covered me with a blanket and a scarf to keep me warm.  My girl is back. :)  Until Christmas.


Mom said...

She really is a princess! And a beautiful little girl.:)

Kristi said...

I'm just proud of Clara for holding her hands behind her back, realizing she couldn't keep her hands off that hair. Literally.

martinizing said...

my favorite part is the tiny bowling shoes. Ha! they're so cute:)

melissa said...

"So many feelings" -BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Happy Birthday, Bridget! What a sweet, sweet princess!

My favorite is when people write what babies are thinking under pictures of babies. Hilarious. (Which is weird because I really hate when people write what animals are thinking under pictures of animals.)

Two more days!

Katy said...

Little girl birthdays are indeed epic! I applaud you for having it at a place that was not your house.
Yeah, ...so many feelings...ha ha ha ha