Monday, August 1, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: More Vacationing with Bob & Peggy in 1975

I've already done a post or two from photos Grandpa Furniss took on their vacation with my parents in 1975.  There are just so many good ones, I'm doing some more today.  These are in Washington D.C. and Williamsburg, Virginia. 
Not even the ladies in Colonial Williamsburg could resist Lloyd Furniss's charms.  I hope he's standing a few feet behind them, because otherwise they grew women big back in those days.
There are many images of people walking on this vacation.  My Dad always has me or Jennie on his shoulders.
Great view.  Too bad about the tacky tourists in the doorway.
See?  Walking.  And Jennie wore the exact right shoes.

It's probably not in order, but now we're moving on to Washington DC.  From experience, I know that a vacation in our nation's capital means more walking to see all the things that are photographed by Grandpa Furniss.  Whew! 
I love this picture.  LOVE.  Look how smitten my Dad is with my Mom.  And Jennie is wearing party pants and reading a museum pamphlet at age 2 1/2.  
That thing was on the moon.
The Washington D.C. Temple had been around for seven months when this photo was taken.  SEVEN MONTHS.
Last, but not least, everyone's top two Robert E. Lees.

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