Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fabric Tuesday

I found a delightful blog a few weeks ago and the author has a "Fabric Tuesday" link up that I liked as well.  Because I like fabric.  A lot.  During the driving portion of any trip, I like to have stuff to cut out or turn.  Instead of doing laundry and packing for our vacation to Bear Lake, I made sure I had plenty of cutting and turning to do.  I love doing that because it means that a project seems to come together really quick.  Here are the two items (tops only) I put together once we got home.

First, a Black-eyed Susan table runner with some of the leftovers from my Drunkard's Path quilt.  I had lots of border fabric left over because I had to cut the same stripe for all the borders.  Skinny leftovers, but they worked with this block.
Too bad I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Wait, no it's not too bad.  And I still have enough scraps to make another one.

The other project was an Apple Core with scraps from car seat blankets I've made for my etsy shop.  Some of them are flannel, so in addition to having all that crazy pattern-ness to look at, a baby would get to feel different textures too.  Bonus!

There are so many different fabrics (can you tell which ones I had lots of?) but I liked that little buckaroo just above the middle the best.

I hope you looked up the Quiltstory blog.  Wish I could look at it all day.  (I guess I could do that if I didn't mind listening to crying the whole time.)


Cathy said...

totally cute! Love the black eyed Susan!!!

Karenkay said...

really nice projects!!