Thursday, December 15, 2011

Must Be SANTA!!!!

Today was Bridget's Christmas concert at school. She has been referring to it as her "play" for the last month.  We lost the December calendar and I almost went crazy wondering what the heck she was talking about.  ("You have to sign the paper or I CAN'T BE IN THE PLAY.  Call Mrs. McCann.  CALL HER."  Oh.  My.)  Thankfully Mrs. McCann sent home another calendar and my little kindergartner's code was finally broken.  (CODE: It's a Christmas concert, not a play.  CODE: FINE.)  I have to hand it to my sweet Bridget.  She was Student of the Month in November for her class!  I still can't say that out loud without bursting into Olympic tears.  We put her Major Award on the fridge and it will probably never come off. 
All the kids in Bridget's class were asked to wear their pajamas to school.  We chose very carefully and Bridget insisted I drive her to school today because she didn't want to ride the bus in her pajamas.  The funny part about that is I totally get that, so I did it.  The babies and I showed up very early and some friends helped me secure chairs for Grandma and Grandpa.  I know Bridget loved having them there, but I think I loved it more.  How did I think I was going to video and take pictures with two crazy boys?  Duh.

The kindergarten classes sang "Must Be Santa" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."  Did you know they say "LIKE BASEBALL" instead of "LIKE MONOPOLY" after the reindeer don't let Rudolph join in any reindeer games?  No wonder Bridget kept giving me weird looks when we'd sing it at home.  (Is the girl next to Bridget waving a gang sign?  What's that about.) When Bridget is nervous, she often cries.  I thought she was going to cry the whole time she was up there, but she powered through and sang all the words and did the actions.  She's always so little!
When we got home, Bridget had lots of stuff to show us.  (Her backpack is the prize find for the boys.  They love to suck on it.)  There were lots of fun treasures in this paper bag.
This is Bridget's life.  Emil and Colin are so grabby.
She'd only been home for a little while when Bridget said she wished she could do the whole program again.  Ha!
Colin was in the DEPTHS OF DESPAIR throughout this unveiling of everything in the backpack.  (Do you like my Christmas tree barricade?  I found Colin hunched under the tree the other day.  Merry Christmas to me!)
That is until Bridget introduced him to bubbles.  Emil is on his way over to me to try to knock me over.
Emil is surrounded by all his favorite toys.  He's pretty rough with those books, but he loves them almost as much as Colin does.
 This post is brought to you by a busy morning, late afternoon naps, and a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper.


Jess said...

Not "like monopoly"? How odd! Congratulations to Bridget for braving a concert. :)

Angelyn said...

I'm laughing. Congratulations on enjoying a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper!

melissa said...

Cheers to Bridget on her play! I love her and her freckles. That picture of the boys watching the show with Grandma and Grandpa is so sweet. Better get used to that, kids.