Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Glad As We Can Be

Fine!  I guess we're not getting a photo of Dad and the kids on Father's Day.  We did let him sleep in - no small knees to the gut as a weekend wake-up.  Then we made him his favorite for breakfast:
Heart-shaped biscuits=LOVE.  Because Brian is the best. :)  The boys didn't get the memo that they needed to be good at church, but it was a nice morning.  Since we had a Father's Day and June Birthdays (Brian and Bridget) party with Brian's family to go to after church, I was frosting cookies and making strawberry shortcake when we weren't at church.  I used almost all the mixing bowls in the house.
Uncle Kyle with his first grandchild, Aiden.  Look at those little fists of fury! 
When Colin gets ready to go really fast, he does this.  I think it's because of Dash from "The Incredibles."  As soon as someone says "GO!" he does this:
I almost wasn't able to catch him.  Fast.
Brian and I sat for this photo for ten minutes while Bridget tried to push the trigger hard enough.  I bet our smiles were pretty for the first five minutes.
Time for cake and singing!
My favorite.  Grandpa can't walk by without giving Bridget some love.
There's my handsome husband and three kids.  

We were feeling especially blessed on Father's Day.  What a unique moment in time we're in right now.  Grateful to be healthy and happy.  I keep getting distracted by Brian's eyes, so we'll end here. :)


Brian said...

Seeing that breakfast makes me want another :).

Thanks for a wonderful day.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Brian! June birthdays are the best.