Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winner Winner Rib Dinner

I should call it "supper" since we won it from my friend Angelyn and her husband, Kirk. For our ward (church) fundraising auction, they donated a smoked rib dinner. I bid really high so no one would even THINK about out-bidding me. Do not mess. I've requested their delicious smoked turkey for my birthday dinner before. Even better, we ate the dinner at their house and let our kids play like the crazy little people they are. All of us slept like rocks that night.
Bridget and Tyce played together. Colin did Lauren's bidding and had the time of his life. Emil found a toy lawnmower/reason for living to keep him busy.
Then the kids had root beer floats while Brian and I were dying from eating so much. They all had seconds of the floats. It was really the only thing Colin ate for dinner since I mistakenly gave him HOT HOT baked beans to eat. I didn't know they were hot!
Emil is standing next to me (so is Colin - there are elbows everywhere) and when he saw this picture he said, "Cream. I LUB IT." Yes, let's do that again. When I'm not full anymore in a few weeks. :)

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Angelyn said...

That was a fun evening! Let's do it again!