Friday, May 23, 2014

Spirit Week

We're just finishing the second to the last week of school. I can't bring myself to make Bridget's lunch anymore. I'm not trying very hard with her hair. Homework is half-hearted. Then on Monday the school started Spirit Week and I didn't even know because I didn't even care. We hurried and got on board for Tuesday, though, and Bridget wore my Yankees jersey and crazy socks.
Running for the bus. The peonies are about to bloom! I'm so excited about that.
On Crazy Hair Day we had no plan. Bridget was freaking out a little. No plan?! I suggested we just start doing something and see what happened. "WHAT?" Inconceivable. Next week they're doing nothing but partying every day they're at school. Today Bridget gets to go to the Roar Store. Have I talked about the Roar Store? It has taken Brian and me three years and a half dozen adults to figure out what Bridget was saying when she mentioned the Roar Store. (The Rural Juror.) Why did they have a War Store at school? Is she saying "Award" Store? Brian and I still laugh every time she talks about the Roar Store.
Mo. This kid is large and in charge of my life these days. Sigh.

The good news is I have registered and paid for Sewing Camp (once a week for eight weeks for Bridget), swimming lessons for all three kids for two weeks, Itty Bitty Soccer for the boys, Cooking Day Camp (Bridget), Island Day Camp (Bridget), and Frozen Day Camp (Bridget), and preschool for Colin in the fall. Oh, and a quilt retreat for Mama in September, if I make it. Let the SUMMMER BEGIN!

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kenzie said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love the comparison of The Rural Juror and Roar Store.