Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'll Wrestle YOU!

I laugh every single time I see that commercial. Or think about it. (You know, the Toys r Us ad with the astronaut and the wrestler?)

We had Part I of the Halloween Recital at Greenwood Manor tonight. Kathy the Activities Director had the room warmed up to a cookie-baking temperature, so it was a hot and exciting night for all. My students looked so good! I can't believe how great their costumes were. Am I going to have to live up to that someday? What happened to cutting a crown out of cardstock and wrapping it in tin foil? Is tin foil one word?

Carson the Cowboy started us off with Home on the Range. The residents sang with him and he didn't lose focus (amazing). His costume was seriously awesome. So good that his little brother came dressed as a cowboy too. After that number, Dick called out from his wheelchair that he wanted to hear the pirate play the piano. Who wouldn't? Brody the redheaded boy was the pirate and this was his first recital. They started singing while he was playing It's a Small World (I know it doesn't quite fit, but he's in primer level and there is NOTHING out there for him to play) and he couldn't finish the last two notes of the song. Poor Brody! He turned purple. That's the thing about redheads. They cannot hide their emotion.

After the show, Dick motioned me to come over and talk to him, so I did. He handed me a Zip-lock baggie and told me I needed to pass it around and show everyone. After I'd been holding it for a second he said it was the stones from his gall bladder. Never...NEVER hand me your gall stones. What the heck? I hadn't had my cake yet and the closest bathroom (that I knew of) was way downstairs. I'm still grossed out.

Grandpa seemed to enjoy the recital. I think all of the residents got a kick out of the little kids in their costumes. (And Bridget going after that apple juice.) Princess Leah (she played the Star Wars theme song) is usually a blonde and she had painted her hair black. Hilarious. Eliza had a great witch costume and I've always secretly thought she had witch hair in real life, so it looked perfect with the costume.

I'm sure everyone is going to be tapping their feet in anticipation of the rest of my recital on Tuesday. Actually, they probably are counting the minutes because Dad will be singing.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

Hey Nicole, thanks for stopping by our blog! I'm excited to add yours to my list of daily reads! Our Vermont pictures are (soon to be) on our personal blog - The Marmalade Pairs one is actually one we set up for the couples in our ward for our calling. I'll get on the ball and update with Vermont stories soon - it was such a fun trip, and so great to see the Allreds!

Nicole said...

Ah! I'm glad to know your REAL blog since I didn't notice it was your ward blog until after I'd posted my comment. I look forward to Vermont stuff. :)