Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Could We Get A Box?

We took Bridget with us the the Rumbi Island Grill this afternoon and we were sitting down before it occurred to either of us that we've never taken her to a sit-down restaurant before. Naturally we didn't request a high chair - instead she stood next to Brian on the bench and danced and rearranged the menus and dropped napkins off the side of the table and chewed on a straw like a Cruella de Ville cigarette. I'm sure all you thinking people can guess what happened next. She slipped and hit her chin on the table and bit her top lip hard enough to draw blood. Our food had barely arrived and Bridget was in hysterics. We took our show to the patio dining area where she refused all comfort and insisted on walking around and around the table. She did, however, sip from her cup like a big girl without any help. (Hooray for the small victory!)

Our next stop was the doctor's office for Bridget's flu shot. She fell asleep in the car on the way there and got the rudest awakening yet - a needle in the leg. It was funny to sit in the waiting room and watch the small children arrive and strode confidently over to the toy table and the aquarium to say "hi" to the fish. They left with quivering lower lips massaging their arms or legs.

To finish up our Parents of the Year Day, we took Bridget to a pumpkin patch where she ran around and loved her life. Surprise - that's the only part I photographed.


melissa said...

What's cuter than kids in pumpkin patches? Are Bridget's top 5 in order? Remind me to tell you a story about shots.

Nicole said...

I know, right? I loved that Harrison didn't even acknowledge a pumpkin patch as a surprise. I keep doing the order on my top five wrong, but after looking at it, it's probably right most of the time. Dead last. That's me.