Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Too Short

Part II of the grand Halloween concert at Greenwood was tonight. I learned my lesson and brought donuts (doughnuts?) instead of cake that needed to be eaten with forks. All of the kids who were into the costume thing went last Thursday, so this half wasn't as rowdy. And also Dick was in a bad mood and banned from viewing performances tonight.

My oldest student was supposed to be a "fancy lady," but she showed up wearing a nice dress and the scariest make-up I've seen so far this season. Her hair was enormous, too. I think the best dressed student was Adam in his Hercules costume. His little sister sang along with his song. (Samantha - the sister - is also an artist. Her work is mostly confined to Adam's piano books, but they're quite good.) The fancy/scary lady left early for another performance, so she's not in the picture. You'll notice that Belle is in there. She played a song from the Snow White movie. Another battle I decided not to pick. (P.S. That old guy in the back row is so not one of my piano students. Wouldn't that have been the best costume, though? The girl in the stripes isn't a student either. Apparently she sat by the Spider Queen for moral support.)

Dad sang a few of my favorites tonight - "I Bought Me a Cat" and "If I Were a Rich Man." As you can see by the faces of a few of the residents, they LOVE him. They really are the best audience. The only complaint I heard tonight was that Ashley the Spider Witch's song ("Eency Weency Spider") was too short. I'm sure if the complainer knew what I went through during the last two months to get Ashley to play that song, she would give me a medal and say it was just the right length.

Gertrude and I had a nice talk afterward. We talked about Germany and the Russians and her husband who passed away a long time ago. Then she pulled me in close and asked me how old I am. Good times. :)

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melissa said...

You're hilarious. I'm glad you didn't get another bag of gallstones. Score!