Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Adventures with Pooping Dog

It was a dark and stormy night... Actually it was the warmest Halloween in history (at least the last 5 or so years). We paraded our little squaw all over the valley. The first stop was Albertson's to get candy that will now be eaten by yours truly since we had two treaters and one trick. (Our pumpkin is on the lawn instead of the porch. Tricky.) Then, off to Brian's office where the squaw clung to her Daddy and was scared with good reason (finally) of Uncle Rob in his syth/grim reaper costume. ("Tell me what he's saying...") We ran into a pretty princess and got the most accurate Halloween shot of the day.

Next we went to meet new cousin, Gabriel! He won't recognize Bridget next time he sees her because she will be Everyday Bridget instead of Squaw Bridget. There was a little wrestling getting the Center of Attention baton out of Bridget's hands, but Gabriel won! So sweet in his candy corn hat.

We made our way to Brian's parents' house for some trick-or-treating and eating of fruit snacks. No one else was participating in Bridget's contest to see how many fruit snacks she could fit into her mouth at once. She's so talented!

Last but not least we went to my parents' house. Bridget marched confidently up to the front door and even knocked all by herself. Who knew Grandpa would be so excited when he opened the front door. What have we said about sudden movements? :) Thank goodness Grandma had some real food for us to eat, otherwise we would have been full of candy and nothing else.
Our little squaw fell asleep after doing all the verses of Five Green & Speckled Frogs Sitting on a Speckled Log in raspberry. (There's more spit where all that came from.) Success! I'm already making a Costume Master Plan for next year. Number one on my list; Do Not Buy A Pirate Costume. Done and done.

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