Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Can Clearly Not Choose the Wine in Front of Me

I voted today! I would post a picture of me with my "I Voted Today" sticker on, but Bridget picked it off my shirt so many times that it lost its stick. And I wanted to parade around town wearing it to give people the guilts. On one particular issue I felt informed and anxious to vote, but on city council members my system was probably flawed. I didn't vote for a particular person because of the picture on his flyer. That and his flyer didn't really say anything useful.

Bridget and I have visited New Cousin Gabriel a few times during the last few days. There is a big bag of old jewels at Auntie's house and Bridget likes to wear all of the jewels at the same time. Yikes. No one has had the guts to tell her how tacky she looks. I'm betting she pities the fool who does end up telling her. (This picture of her with Grandpa is after a Sunday wrestle and nap, so don't be too critical of the hair.)

Tonight we went to Gabriel's again and learned how to make Chili Colorado with Gabriel's Grandma Isabel. I'll have to post the recipe after I type up the directions. It was beyond delicious. Bridget actually made contact with Gabriel tonight. She poked at his arm until he woke up and started to cry, which made her squeal with delight. No class. And by the way, I have no idea what is all over her shirt.

This has nothing to do with anything, but has anyone else noticed what a dumb song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins is? I swear the following is part of one of the verses; "We're farnin yarnin the cossants." What is that? It reminds me of watching "The Pirate Movie" a few years ago for the first time since I was a kid. Booooooo! It was so stupid I couldn't finish it and I remember LOVING that movie. (You know, the one with Christopher Atkin and Kristi McNichol. I think there is singing in it. Double boooo.) Anyway. The song "Footloose" came on when I was in the car today and I left it there because I thought I liked that song, but it turns out I don't anymore. That and spaghettios. (That looks so weird spelled out. I don't think that's right.)

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