Wednesday, December 12, 2007

From January to April 2007

As promised, the next few posts will be a 2007 review. Lucky for all of you, I don't remember much and it will mostly be pictures.

The biggest thing in January (or ever, really) is that our little family was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. We went to court the day before the sealing and the only things I remember about that was our lawyer promising Brian he could answer "yes" or "no" to all the questions the judge would ask and the first question the judge asked Brian was, "What day were you married." Of course he was completely blank. The other thing I remember is taking pictures with the judge and then the judge offering to take a picture of us with our lawyer. Brian and I pretended to love that idea and stood next to our six foot tall woman lawyer for a picture. Really? Who wants a picture with their lawyer? She spelled our names wrong on every document three times before she got it right. We're not that tight.

The sealing was very much like our wedding day. In fact, the 90 year-old ladies at the temple thought I was a bride and offered me all kinds of assistance. We dropped a smiling Bridget off at the nursery and didn't see (hear) her again until right before the ceremony. We stepped off the elevator with Elder Hinckley and heard Bridget crying tragically way down the hall. The ladies admitted defeat and handed her over to us. Actually, they handed her to Brian and she calmed right down. Then she reached back and touched my face. My favorite moment ever. It was snowing outside and there were so many people there who were no doubt experiencing some form of stress, but for me it was the most calm and perfect day I've ever had. Every now and then I bask in the memory of it because I can.
I remember nothing about February. Here are photos of Bridget opening a valentine from Grandma Lee.

Isn't her hair ridiculous? Ha!

I just remembered that I put together a neighborhood cookbook in February. Of course it ended up being a lot more work than I bargained for, but I can't fight the gene pool. (Anyone who knows my Mom knows what I mean by that.) Also, I think the cookbook turned out great. It inspired me to start making cookies like a real mom.


Grandpa Furniss moved to Lehi in March! What a treat to have him living so close. He refers to Bridget as "the little tad" and I never get tired of hearing his stories. Especially ones that include "Toots" and Phyllis. You all wish you knew a couple with those names.

I believe March was also the month that Clara and Bridget started their best friendship forever in earnest. The weather was nice often enough for Kristi and me to take the girls on what became our weekly (and sometimes daily) outings. Cheers to our little friends!

Easter! The Tulip Festival! The Girl Scout Cookie Chaser 5K with no cookies. (Dumbest. Race. Ever.) Of course we forced a humiliating get-up on Bridget for Easter. I'm sure she saw it coming after her first Halloween costume (an elephant). We had an egg hunt with Brian's family - Bridget didn't show up for that with her game face on. It's like they always say, you can't train to feel good on the day of the race.

Bridget and I toured Thanksgiving Point Gardens with Grandma Lee and Aunt Makenzie at the end of April. I just kept saying, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HERE." This is Lehi, after all. Sure we have classy landmarks like the Lehi Roller Mill where the prom on "Footloose" was filmed, but you can't see the Thanksgiving Point Gardens from the freeway. It's so tucked away it's like they don't want locals to know it's there. Hmmmm.


Wimmer's life said...

Your little girl is such a doll. Nice to see you hitting the blogs. This is a good way to keep in touch with people. Jenny takes care of most of our posts. Hop on over to ours sometime. If you need a login and passwork let us know, we have it locked down pretty tight, we had a nut job posting stuff on it before. Eric and Jen Wimmer

Allison & Noah Riley said...

That picture of Bridget with Grandpa is one of my very favorites. You have a real talent for photography, Nicole.

Nicole said...

Hello there, Wimmers! How do we get to your blog? This is a good way to keep in touch - especially since most of my posts are written late at night when phone calls aren't exactly appreciated. :)
And thanks, Allison. You always say such nice things.