Thursday, December 6, 2007

Making Cookies!

Bridget is sitting behind me in my chair trying to put a paper clip in my hair. So pretty!

We invited Grandma and Makenzie over yesterday to make cookies we'd never made before but wanted to. It was the result of the Food Network sending me e-mails with cookie recipes every day for the last week. I can't resist Paula Deen and Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa). Surprise that they are the two heaviest chefs on the Food Network. (Silly Giada de Laurentis with her vegetables and olive oil. And her cleavage.) Is it so wrong that I feel like they know if I don't have their shows on while I'm making dinner? Actually, the Barefoot Contessa isn't as approachable for me - what with telling me to make sure all the feathers are off my turkey. No problem there, lady.

Anyway! I picked the Coconut Jam Thumbprints because I have Prize Winning Raspberry Jam and thumbs. Mom picked Edith Barlow's Brown Sugar Cookies because she's had the recipe (hand written by Grandma Furniss) for years and has never tried them. Makenzie picked a delicious smelling something with lemon in it that I didn't get the recipe for. We didn't get Makenzie's in the oven, so I'm not sure how they turned out. Hold your breath for an update on that. Also, my favorite friend, Kristi, makes the amazing Double Chocolate Orange Cookies and she just happened to make them yesterday. (We share cookies. That is why she's my favorite.) I was planning to make the Mexican Wedding Cookies, but we ran out of time and powdered sugar.

One minute my kitchen was sparkling clean and the next minute you couldn't see the island counter top. Hooray! Gabriel cried and Bridget was cranky (no nap AGAIN), but the cookies that did get in the oven turned out DELICIOUS. I had to brush my teeth before dinner, though. Too much butter and sugar for one afternoon.

P.S. Check out the pigtails! Cutest ever!

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Dan, Kristi, and Clara Askew said...

I'm glad that my sharing cookies with you wins your favorite friend award. I thought it was just me being so fabulous! Tee hee.