Thursday, December 27, 2007

Me, Slot A, Slot B and the Pope

This was our first year staying up on Christmas Eve to put some stuff together for Bridget. We spent the evening at my parents' house and I mentioned to Dad that I would be assembling stuff later that night. That's when he said it was him, slot A, slot B, and the Pope every Christmas Eve. Apparently they'd have Midnight Mass on while Dad was putting all the toys together.

We're still working out the bugs of our Christmas Eve traditions, but we had soup and decorated cookies and watched as much of "It's A Wonderful Life" as we could before Bridget lost her mind. (She secretly lost most of it during dinner. She shows me her displeasure by raking her tongue with her fingers. She does that even when she's not eating. What?) Lucky for me the movie was right where I left it on the TV when we got home. (We were watching Mom & Dad's DVD of it at their house.) A Christmas miracle! I only had to put the stroller together twice. Who cares that there were a few pieces left over? Not me.

On Christmas morning Bridget woke up at the same time she always does (too early) and we left her bedhead intact for the big reveal. She walked into the front room and saw the baby in the stroller. Her expression didn't change as she went right over and strolled the baby out of the front room. We got a "WOW!" out of her when she opened her miniature playground balls. Even though we didn't get much enthusiasm for the baby and stroller, Bridget does push Baby around all day and share all her meals with her. Yesterday I gave Bridget a cup of water and looked down a minute later to find Baby in a puddle of water. Mostly Baby's face was wet, so I think Bridget was trying to give her a drink. Such a good little mommy. :)

It was so fun to surprise Mom & Dad with the grill! I guess sometimes it pays to have last minute ideas - less time to give away the surprise. We opened presents and talked for a bit at their house, then came home to make bread and take naps. Late in the afternoon we went to Brian's parents' house for more presents. Then we were off to Makenzie & David's for dessert, music, and more presents. Hooray! This calls for a slideshow...


Allison & Noah Riley said...

It was great to see you three on Tuesday - thank you so much for the bread, we've enjoyed it with every meal :)

Nicole said...

I just watched our footage of Christmas night. Even the recording of you playing "What Child Is This" on the violin made me tear up again. Thanks for making it such a nice evening. And you're welcome for the bread. :)