Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Last of 2007! September through December

I earned my Wonder Woman T-shirt from Katy on the first Saturday in September by participating in a sprint triathlon (800 m. swim, 13 mile bike, 5K run) at Yuba Lake. I had been freaking out about the swim for two months. By freaking out, I mean swimming at the pool a lot and praying that I wouldn't drown even more. As you can see from this photo, I had reason for concern (no separate start for women and children). That's me in the bright pink swim cap. (I wore the pink cap so that Brian could find me. Didn't he do a nice job getting that photo?) Since the huge men weren't passing me after about 50 meters, I swam by them. Then I swam by some more people. Next thing I knew I was getting out of the water and I wasn't even close to the last person to do so. Hooray! The bike went well and I successfully dodged all the cow pies on the run (it was in a giant field). If I had hurried a little more in my transitions I would have taken 3rd in my age group, but I did not hurry, so I took 4th place.

I missed the deadline to hand in my jam at the state fair in September. It was a sad time, but we got through it.

Bridget and I toured the land getting pictures of her with cousin Vivien's school buddy, Flat Stanley. We had a great time trying to get pictures of Bridget with Stanley before Bridget tore off his limbs. By the time we sent him back to North Carolina he was in a full-body cast. Sorry, Stan!

I started this blog in October! That means you can look at the archived posts if you really want to know what happened. A-ha!

That goes for November, too. :)

Bridget helped us decorate the Christmas tree this year. We had several people advise us to put the whole tree in a playpen. We did not. It took a few days, but Bridget lost interest in the tree except for one snowflake ornament (from my friend Angie). She brings me the snowflake ornament every morning. I like to imagine what Bridget thinks when she sees it in the same place every day, "What?! There's that snowflake again. I better take it to Mom." Sigh.

We've had lots of playdates with Clara over the last few weeks while Kristi and I try to get all the Christmas done. Bridget and Clara have started to play together a little instead of just playing next to each other. They were pointing at each other's noses and eyes and ears and it started getting a little rough. I suggested they be soft and give hugs and kisses. Clara immediately obliged. I'm surprised I actually caught it on camera because I was laughing so hard.

On the 12th of this month, my family (the ones who live in Utah) performed at Greenwood Manor. Dad sang several numbers, Makenzie played the violin, Mom and I had piano solos and Makenzie and I played a few duets on the piano. (Brian filmed it and David spent most of the show in the hall with Gabriel.) Afterward the activity director wanted to marry Dad. That's what I got from all the gushing, anyway. :) She pronounced us all blessed by God. She also said Grandpa was lucky to have us, but we're the lucky ones to have him.

All that's left is my birthday, Jen's birthday, Brian's family Christmas party, Christmas Eve at my parent's house, Christmas Day, Gabriel's blessing, and New Year's Eve. I'm suddenly very tired.

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melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Pablo Picasso? Wow. I guess you are kind of old, huh?