Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm interrupting my Christmas letter to rant about Bratz dolls for a second. I went toy shopping for the first time ever yesterday for Bridget's Christmas presents. It was hectic and at times like playing shopping cart bumper cars at the Target, but I did find the perfect thing and it gives me feelings of Christmas.

Before I found the perfect thing, however, I came upon a whole aisle of Bratz dolls (and Baby Bratz dolls - shiver). What is going on?! Who is buying these things?! Their heads are ginormous compared to their bodies and their eyes are taking up half their faces. They are wearing tons of eye make-up. They look like those cartoon aliens without the green bodysuit on. And WHAT ARE THEY WEARING?!! I only looked at a few closely (I felt like I was walking through a haunted aisle where the eyes of the people in the portraits follow you), but both were wearing mini-skirts that they wouldn't be able to sit down in. And yet, one of their accessories is a school bus. What for? Are they driving out to the desert to bury the evidence? I know they're not going to junior high in it.

I only have the stamina to keep these monsters away from one of my children. We better have boys after this. Then I can buy Bob L'eponge. (Ha! Why did I find so many French toys?)


melissa said...

I remember the first time I went down the pink aisle in the store to find a present for Harrison's friend. Totally lame that all girls have to choose from are Bratz dolls, Barbies, and Disney Princesses. What did we play with?

Koryn said...

If you are unaware, I have been visiting your site daily for about a month (perhaps more , time flies when your having fun!) I have loved these little glimpeses into your family's life.

In regards to the Bratz - I am currently holding strong against the almost daily pleas for a Bratz doll from my Whitney.

My resistance was weakening, my resolve faltering, perhaps even starting to say "Really, is it as big a deal as I think?" until I read this and hope and strength were renewed.

Your reaction recalled my own. That first startling look when you say - "What ARE they wearing!" and "No way will my sweet little girl ever think that that is cool."

Ever since, Whitney has wanted anything Bratz, anything. Pencils, notebooks, shirts, you name it. Now I wonder if my comments that we should look at something else have underscored her desire to have something I do not like. Does that really start at age 4? We must continue this discussion.

Nicole said...

Oh, Koryn. What am I going to do if even your sweet little Whitney wants Bratz dolls?! Should I find an acceptable doll and then start a campaign against that acceptable doll so that Bridget will start wanting it above all else?

I was thinking about what WOULD be an acceptable doll. Maybe characters from great literature? The March sisters, the Bennett sisters. Not so great literature - Nancy Drew and such. They would be wearing so many clothes, see. And they would have lots of hair to comb (and burn! and cut off!). Obviously I would package them in something other than pink. Isn't it all about dressing them and combing their hair?