Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

We made our annual trip to Bear Lake with Brian's family last week. I was sore until yesterday. (Part of that could have been giving blood Wednesday night - it took them 15 minutes, but I'm pretty sure they got it all.)

We played a game of frisbee football, the adults and the kids evenly dispersed on each team. I like this picture because the kids are "ho-hum" while Darin is dying in the background. That's exactly how I remember feeling.

That's Brian passing to McKade, who could (and did) catch every single pass that was thrown to him. Also, I like Hal's defense. Nothing wrong with a 43 year-old man believing in himself.

It's not just the men who ran after stuff - look at Diana risking her life for a frisbee. Those kids look all cute and fun, but they will KNOCK YOU DOWN. Make no mistake.

There are more frisbee photos, but I'm keeping them for blackmail. Here's what Grandpa, Grandma and Bridget were doing during the game:
Apparently they practice this a lot. :)

We were at Bear Lake, after all, so naturally we rented a boat to get up close and personal. It's been at least five years since Brian and I have done any wakeboarding.
Brian is still a bossasaur ("too fast!" "too slow!") - I'm including this shot because the water makes it look like we're in the tropics. In fact, it was very cold.

Oh, yeah, it all came back to him.
What a kind wife I am to sit in the boat with Bridget clinging to me for dear life ("I DON'T LIKE IT!") and yet I still got a picture of Brian catching a little air.
Then it was my turn. That's right, I wakeboard. I'm a wakeboarder. Good thing there is photographic evidence, otherwise those pesky nieces and nephews would still be calling me a liar. {I replaced the first draft photo with one that is clearly me since Melissa also called me a liar. This is not you wakeboarding, Melissa. Boooo for making me post this.}

Really Brian? When you see your wife crash spectacularly into Bear Lake all you can think to do is take a picture? It seems like the lake didn't taste as cold and wetsuit-y this year.

Here are some scenes on the shore.
And last - we only had time for one puzzle this year because a third of the puzzle pieces looked exactly the same. Bah. Too hard.
Okay, one more. I didn't want to leave it looking like Nathan had no fun.


melissa said...

I'm still not totally convinced you went wakeboarding. That could be anybody. That could be me. Maybe it IS me. Thanks for the cute shot of Nathan. I truly was worried that he didn't have any fun. Saddest face, ever!

amylouwho said...

i LOVE bear lake! I'm always surprised at how blue AND cold it is.

Do you snowboard too? We should go if I ever make it to Utah in the winter.

melissa said...

Okay, now I believe you. Did you know that Missouri is the "Show Me State"? I'm just sayin' . . .

Angie said...

The boarding pictures are awesome. And that baby boy is so cute. What blue eyes.

allyn said...

'member when i tried to water ski with you people back in "98? if you're up, i'm impressed. and i am pretty sure that i have seen you do this with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe the size of that mole that I was checking out in the first photo. My first thought was I was bent over trying to catch my breath or something; yeah right....:)

Anonymous said...

What a fun vacation we had. It was fun watching the youngsters schooling the oldies. Of couse, some of us didn't make it off the sidelines. Mom K

Nicole said...

Ha! I knew it had to be about moles.

hOLLIANN said...

Kudos to the boys for even letting you on the frisbee field. Reg won't even let me shine his beloved frisbee, let alone step within one city block of the coveted play field.

Mom said...

I love this post! What great pictures! And it looked like you were having a wonderful time. :)