Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of a Kind

I experimented with a couple of projects recently. Successful in that they turned out to look pretty cool, but they are one of a kind because I'm never doing anything exactly like them again.

1. A swaddle blanket made with suede and ivory fur/minky.
I love how it turned out, but sewing on the furry side was too hard. I don't do things that are too hard.

2. A monogrammed trick-or-treat bag.
Why would I choose an "n"? I could have done an "l" or a "v". I'm all over the trick-or-treat bag idea (in fact, Kristi and I are going to be giving these things away starting on Saturday), but no more furry monograms. (There is a reason why you're this far away from the picture. That is not fabric, it's like cat fur and it was all over my basement by the time I had finished that one little letter.) It's really cute, though. Hey, maybe Nathan needs a candy bag!

You have about one more day to enter our giveaway. Good luck!


melissa said...

A blanket made of suede and fur? Sweet. That would be like sleeping in a pair of Uggs.

I heart the trick-or-treating bag!

(My new favorite word verification: woryin.)

allyn said...

those projects both turned out so well. the fur is difficult, i concur. trick or treat bags! brilliant. my kids have done the plastic walmart bag one too many times.

hOLLIANN said...

Those are so cute. Once I made a furry wakeboard cover. I cleaned purple fur out of my machine for years! You should make wakeboard covers by the way. They are super expensive to buy.