Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Princess and the Snowman

Being a parent is pretty awesome. Yesterday I took Bridget to see her first movie-theater-movie, "The Princess and the Frog." (Kristi and Clara came with us - even better! This is the only shot of Clara not on the move. Unless you count her mouth. Ha!) We got a little bucket of popcorn to share and I put the armrest between us up so that we could sit close. Sometimes she laughed or turned to me with a surprised/delighted face. Toward the end of the movie she asked to sit in my lap (probably because Clara was sitting in her Mommy's lap by then - I don't care why). It was surreal to be sitting there watching a princess movie with my little girl, who had worn a crown because it was a princess movie. Best moment of my life, what do you think?

Today Brian made another of Bridget's dreams come true. They made a family of snowmen together in the backyard. It was freezing outside and Bridget was wet up to her knees with snot running down to her chin. BUT! She insisted on staying outside until Daddy came in too. By the time they got to the Mommy snowperson, they were tired. That's why it's a short, fat mommy. I accept this explanation. You can too.

Also, I think Bridget just told me what I'm getting for my birthday and for Christmas. I guess this was the year we don't wrap gifts in front of her. Woops.


melissa said...

Sweeeeeet. Now I'm teary-eyed.
We told Chloe that Daddy would take her to see that movie on a date. She reminds us every day that it's "still in theaters."

So what are you getting?

Jill said...

I love how delighted you are by everything Bridget does. It's inspiring to me. I want to be more like that as a mom.

Brian said...

Bridget is just a decoy, she really has no idea what you're getting. Did you believe that?

Lift with your legs old man! Now I know why my back hurts so bad....

Angie said...

Taking kids to the theater is so fun. I took Marla's boys to something a few years ago, and about 3/4 of the way through Jonah climbed up on my lap, said he was ready to go home, and then fell asleep. I guess that show didn't impress him much. It's fun now to take him to the 3d shows because he looks so cute with the giant glasses on.

I'm glad Bridget liked her first film!

Nicole said...

I forgot to mention that the movie is really good, too. Everybody's dreams come true, but they have to work for them. I cried.

I picked up one of my gifts under the tree and Bridget said, "That's a necklace." Not even excited. I'm still laughing. :)

Kristi said...

We had a blast, even if Clara was totally out of control after the movie. We loved "The Real Princess" movie and were so glad to share that memory with friends.

Oh, and Brian, Dan says to lift with your back, and save your legs for skiing. ;)

Are you guys up for another torch parade this year? (I clearly won't be skiing this time, but still.)