Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I can't stand it. I'm going to blog about one of my projects because it's not a Christmas present (just a long overdue "thank you" for my Awesome Sister Allyn) and I used only scraps to make it.

First of all, the scraps. I make a lot of stuff with Moda Dottie fabric. It's really heavy and wonderful cotton and the colors are so delightful. I LOVE IT. Love. It. The thing is, the fabric is 54" wide and I have enough scraps of it now that I could make a queen-size blanket with it. For now, I thought I'd try a table-runner:

Can't you just see this on the table for a cute tea party? Oh! Oh!! Ashley needs one for her birthday tea party next Spring!!!!! Don't you think so, Drusilla?

I've been trying to figure out why I have so much Christmas spirit this year... Not that I'm usually a humbug, but something about Christmas 2009 is warming my heart. So much so that I just used the phrase, "warming my heart." One big reason is that I made most of the presents I'm giving. We're talking about hours and hours of thinking about the people I love and creating something just for them.

Another reason is my sweet Bridget. Here she is with BFF Clara a few hours ago:
The two of them explained to me who is on the Nice List and who is on the Naughty List. They've got it all figured out. I like their version of the world.

Another reason this Christmas season seems like an upgraded version is that someone is doing the Twelve Days of Christmas for us. The first night I was embarrassed and guilt-ridden. There are so many people more deserving of a surprise gift every day for twelve days. However, last night they brought us a rotisserie chicken and some bakery rolls. Now I'm all over it. :) So, if that person reads this blog, you are warming my heart, man! Thank you. You've made me want to be nicer and listen better to what the people around me need.

Merry Christmas from The Richest Woman in Town!


Jill said...

Wow! How do I get on your gift list? That table runner is amazing!

I happen to know that my husband is giving me a sewing machine for Christmas and I'm very excited to finally have one even though I have no idea how to sew! I'm determined to learn though. You up for teaching me some lessons? I want to make table runners like that for people I love.

Love the picture and quote from the best Christmas movie ever. We are having an "It a Wonderful Life" movie night friday night with my daughter. She's never seen it before. I'm so excited to introduce her.

Ashley said...

Do you do (and warning, I'm about to show my complete quilting ignorance) that...swirly line stuff yourself :) Is that what you call 'quilting'. Oh, this is embarrassing. But I still want to know if that's something you can do yourself or if you have to have someone professional do it.

And you want to know what I just thought of? We're coming to Utah this summer before the folks head off on the mission. Tea party time? I think it is a must.

hOLLIANN said...

You crack me up! and what a talent you have...that I don't. I love to come and admire your blog. I think we may be polar opposites...or alter-egos if you are are talented, and well spoken...I am not, and curse like a sailor! Merry Christmas!

Mr and Mrs C said...

I feel much the same way about this Christmas season Nicole! And really, it came upon me rather suddenly...but I just feel so blessed and want to let the people in my life know how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate all they do and are! That includes you, Drusilla....he, he, he. Merry Christmas Girl!

Jen said...

Oh the guilt. The guilt the guilt. Just so you know...I think of my loved ones but I don't have the brain power to put it to use when I need it anymore (hmmmm...does that have anything to do with the fact that as I write I have a baby screaming and climbing my legs and another kid banging on one piano while two others wrestle like bears in the living room and there is a huge pile of laundry and blah blah blah....)

allyn said...

OH MAN!! i am the winner this time! that turned out so cute. giving homemade gifts is fun and it is fun to receive them. so much better than a last minute trip to wal-mart, no?

glad you're feelin' the reason for the season, this year

melissa said...

You are amazing! You are so great at knowing what people need and also making beautiful things they want. Seriously, how did you do the swirly thing? Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!

Kristi said...

I am in love with our daughters. In love, I say! Look at their eyelashes! Oh they kill me. I know I'm biased, but they have to be the most beautiful girls ever. And I'm so happy you've trapped me into the quilting frenzy with you. Thanks for yet another skill you're teaching me! :)