Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bridget's Life: A Collage

We spent most of last week and this week cooped up and miserable.  By "we" I mean me.  And poor Bridget had to be in the same house with my grouchy, sick self.  The minute I started feeling better, we went o-u-t.

1.  A trip to The Material Girls Quilts!  The place was packed, Bridget wanted to leave long before I did, the 18 year-old at the register didn't want to honor Double Punch Day (the whole reason I was there).  Not our best visit to my favorite fabric store.  As soon as we were out the door she started trying to climb the decorative tree outside.

2.  Robert's Craft!  Lately Bridget has taken to asking for A Treat or Gum (not a treat, according to her), or A Mint every 30 seconds.  When I was in college, Kellie, Anne and I were in Kellie's Monte Carlo ("Monty") driving out of our apartment complex one day when the four year-old son of the couple who ran the place jumped in front of Kellie's car, waving his arms at us frantically.  I'm sure each of us was imagining a different emergency scenario that would cause this child to risk his life by stopping the car.  He came around to the passenger side window, which one of us was manually rolling down.  "Do you got any gum?" he asked casually.  Dude.  Why?!  Why must little children ask and ask and ask AND ASK for treats all day?  I invoked the One More Time warning and Bridget took the bait.  We left in tears and shame.

3.  Going to lunch with Daddy!  Poor Daddy has had to work late for the last few weeks.  He introduced us to Gloria's Little Italy in Provo yesterday.  Look at that lasagna!  Bridget brought her cell phone just in case she got an important call.  That was a successful outing.

4.  After lunch, the mall!  One of Bridget's Top Five Favorite Things is escalators.  We rode lots of them.  And we found the last set of flatware I'm collecting.  Dillards isn't going to carry it anymore.  Why am I not surprised.

In conclusion, the universe has been against me the last few weeks.  Next week it's my turn.


hOLLIANN said...

My uncle always told me the best thing about the worst day is that tomorrow is better...Hopefully you can apply that to your week :).

amylouwho said...

oh man, I hate weeks like that. I've been suffering from chronic crankiness and impatience lately. I'm so tired of toy mess. TIRED.

kenzie said...

we discovered Gloria's recently, too! Totally my new favorite.

Mom said...

That kid was pretty desperate for gum! Lunch sounds fun - great-looking lasagne.
I'm sure you could find more of your flatware pattern at other Dillard's. Looking forward to using the flatware.:)

Jill said...

Seriously...sometimes I think that if my boys ask me for a treat one more time, I will run away forever! All I hear all day is "can we have a treat, can we have a treat, can we have a treat?" AHHHH!

As for that lasangna...I'll be going to that resturant ASAP. Wow!

melissa said...

Harrison's actions are ruled by dessert. I don't get it.

It's totally your turn. Tell the universe what's up and own it. That is all.