Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday It Was Spring

Today it is not Spring.  Thank goodness we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with our friends while it was still nice outside yesterday.  (Bridget and I are big fans of the Tulip Festival.  We've already been with Kenzie, Gabriel, and Claire and we went with Daddy last Saturday night.  I'm pretty lazy with the camera these days.  Sometimes I just want to sit on the grass and not take pictures...)

We tried to get that sweet cheeks, Lauren, to smile in a bed of flowers many many times.  No cooperation!


melissa said...
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melissa said...

Geez, Louise! You're a blogging fool today!

Thank you for the very interesting family history lesson. Wish I could have gone to the tulip festival again. That little baby girl is too cute. Who does she belong to? A Snow White table? Adorable! What would you do for a one year old's birthday? Ready? Go!

Nicole said...

That's Tyce's little sister, "Warren." (It's Lauren, but Tyce says it "Warren." That will always be funny to me.)

I would ask my sister, Melissa, what to do for a one year-old's bday. Also, don't make the food yourself and have someone else take the pictures so you won't be stressed.