Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Birthday Party, Minus One Birthday Boy

For many years, the only person in my family with a June birthday was my Dad.  Then I got married to a Gemini and Bridget was born in June (she was supposed to be born in July), Rob's wife, Claire's, birthday is in June and now Baby Claire has a June birthday.  We're busting!  That's reason enough to party (even though Brian couldn't make it because he was at scout camp cutting up sticks and doing flippin' skits).  I also made an evil cake that I'll be sharing on our recipe blog as soon as I'm done here. 

Bridget insisted on wearing a crown.  I'm dreading the day when she doesn't want to wear crowns out in public.  The night before this party she asked me when she would be three years old again.  I started to cry.  Because it's never.  It had been a long week, also.

Here is Baby Claire staring me down.  It's okay - she is delicious.

We tried to make cookies like this, but we didn't have room to shake them.  Or patience.  You need those.  (These are Makenzie's cookies.  So pretty!)

Here are a couple more birthday kids.  Grandpa Bob is relieved that he's bad at math.  For a few moments he thought he was older than the rest of the birthday people combined.  He is not.

Here's that cake I was telling you about.  Apparently it's a traditional Southern thing.  The icing dried too fast for me to make it look better.  Good thing it tasted amazing.

No reason - he's just adorable.

Time for a birthday song!

Grandma gave Bridget a new dress.  I hope we didn't get frosting on it.

Claire had been dreaming about an Elmo book!  Birthday dream come true.

That is the face Bridget made when we asked her to smile.  I think some of that is a sugar high.


allyn said...

that face is AWESOME. her eyes look bigger than usual. maybe that is the sugar, too. ahahahaha.

looks like a very fun birthday party and an amazingly delicious cake.

why am i on the computer? i need to go pack!!!

kenzie said...

So how was Brian's birthday for him? I do love Bridget's face there. And baby Claire's stare down is her usual face these days.

melissa said...

Awwww. She never will be three again. How sad. She looks pretty shaken up about the whole thing. hahahaha

Dad looks good in purple. You know, for an old guy.

Cake recipe, please!

amylouwho said...

darling everything! she is cute! Alison has that same polka dot dress.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to everyone. I love June birthdays!

Where's that recipe blog. I really, really want to make that cake.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Bridget. I can't believe she's 4!