Friday, June 25, 2010

Party at Grandma's

Today is Bridget's birthday, but I need to do this Father's Day/Brian's Birthday/Bridget's Birthday report first.  I have a picture that must be shared.  It makes me laugh.  And no one was hurt, I promise.

We had the usual June Birthday Party with Brian's family last Sunday, except we also combined it with Father's Day.  Remember how I made a Caramel Cake the day before this?  Yes, well, I made a German Chocolate Cake for this second June birthday party.  Cakes two days in a row.  I ended up borrowing most of the ingredients plus a cake pan from my neighbors and coming close to tears in the process.  It cooked a little too long, too.  Do not laugh:
Really, Lion House Cookbook?  There's only enough of the good frosting for the TOPS of the cakes?  Genius.  I'll just use this 1/4 cup of powdered sugar I have leftover from my neighbor and dump too much milk into some chocolate frosting.  That'll look drippy and delicious.  Not.

Whatever.  It did the job.

Bridget is still at the stage where she gets into presents.  Her aunts and uncles are still at the stage that they want to give her presents.  The perfect recipe:

It was also a Father's Day Celebration, so cheers to the Dads:

And now for my favorite.  First, you need to know that Nathan will wrestle you.  HE WILL WRESTLE YOU.  So don't sit on the floor and chill for too long because he has moves:
Bridget wasn't hurt.  I wouldn't share the photo if she was.  I think Nate's face is so so so funny.

Off I go to finish my application for Mother of the Year.


Jen said...

Oh I cannot stop laughing. That picture is THEEE best. You don't even have to see Bridget's face to know exactly what it looks like. Also, you are amazing. All of my cakes look like that. Looks bad, tastes good.

Kristi said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot stop looking at that last picture. I had to bring the laptop up to show Dan. Too too funny. I think Nathan and Clara would be great friends. Hee hee. Thanks again for a fun day! Happy big 4 birthday to our Gigi!

Mom said...

At least you get photographer of the year for that last picture! Hilarious!
Just a side note, German chocolate cake traditionally just has the coconut pecan frosting on the top and in the middle. They weren't trying to trick you.:)

Ashley said...

I also love the surprised faces and rushed arms to help, classic.