Monday, July 5, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Jemima & Smith Furniss

I have one of these photos in my front room, so it may be familiar to some of you who visit often.  There are three photos in this set, all copies from my Grandpa Lloyd Furniss.  I have them labeled as being taken in 1901.  The first one is Grandpa Lloyd's grandmother, Jemima Crossley Furniss, with his Aunt Mary:

Jemima was born on 14 September 1876 in Woods Cross, Utah (shout out), the daughter of James Crossley and his second wife, Mary Bentley Crossley.  Jemima is mentioned in the Ogden newspaper often for hosting and attending many social functions.  She lived very close by Grandpa Lloyd when he was a child and Grandpa said he liked to go over to her house and read Aunt Florence's encyclopedia-type books.  He said the exchange always went this way:
Lloyd:  "Grandmother, may I read Aunt Florence's books?"
Grandmother Furniss:  "Did you wash your hands?"
Lloyd:  "No, but I will!"
Then Grandpa Lloyd would devise a system of looking at all the odd numbered books or all the even numbered books.

Next we have Smith Heap Furniss (born 16 April 1872) with his daughter Florence (of Aunt Florence's encyclopedia books fame):

Smith was a locomotive engineer (see the striped overalls under his jacket?). 

Last in the series is Smith and Jemima's first three children (Bryant James is the oldest of their five children, then Mary Viola, Florence Afton, Harold Smith, and Wilford Orlan):

That giant polka dot bow on B.J. is something else, eh?  That's Grandpa Lloyd Furniss's father and my great Grandfather.  I just realized that B.J., Lloyd, and my mother, Peggy, are all the oldest children in their families.


Mom said...

This is just amazing! I don't remember seeing any of these pictures, but it is so wonderful to see these people when they were younger so you can tell what they actually looked like. I only knew them when they were older or saw pictures of them when they were older and had been through a lot of life. The Florence and Afton names were very popular in that era. There were at least two on Mom's side of the family.
Keep up the good work! :)

Annelies said...

Hi....sorry to post this on your blog, but I am the Annelies who won the blog contest. I sent two emails, and just wanted to be sure you got them. I just didn't want you to think I wasn't excited about the car seat covers (G)!!!!
Hope your summer is the best.

Melissa Lopez said...

Hello! This is a picture of my Great Great Grandma. I'm from Mary Viola's line. I am so interested in any information or histories that you may have and be willing to share with me from the Furniss side. I would love to hear from you!
Thank you!!!!

2pattyesque said...

Where did Smith Heap Furniss get his name? Is there a story about that? My husband's ancestor's name is Smith Heap.