Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I hadn't cleared my camera memory card of the photos from Brian's family reunion at the end of June, so they were saved from The Incident (aka losing my hard drive).  We had it at Brian's Uncle Doug and Aunt Darlene's cabin, which is far far away from civilization in beautiful Spanish Fork Canyon.  This year Bridget was old enough to partake in the kind of fun Brian's side of the family has - which is very unlike the kind of fun my side of the family has.  And that's the best part about being married, really. :)

Take note that Bridget was smiling all day.  She rode that horse like a champ!  And she made a new best friend.  (Every time Bridgie makes a new friend, she has to hold hands with her.)  It's fitting that she went on a real horse ride that day because she asked me to do her hair like Jessie's (from Toy Story).


Anonymous said...

For such a pretty little thing, that big horse didn't bother her at all. Denise

Angie said...

Fun! Bridget looks so little on that horse. Good for her, my nieces would have been scared to death.

It was good to see you yesterday!

Elizabeth said...

I love that Christmas lone star quilt. It is so much fun! And the Easter baskets are totally adorable. But my very favorite is the pumpkin seed. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

xo -E