Friday, September 17, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Artists

We love the Plein Air Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It's fun to see the artists painting and it's always nice to be in the gardens when it's not one million degrees outside.  Kristi and I took all the kids today for the festival and we were pretty  much the only people in the whole garden.  What?!  Yeah, they moved all the finished paintings (apparently we were too late to see them working) to the water tower.  Booo.  And thanks for telling us.  Good thing we had some adorable children to ease the pain and practice with my new camera.
It's Henry!  He needs to know what the big kids are doing.
This was our view of the kids most of the time.
Look how cute - Ed and Bridget holding hands and Ed making sure he's doing what Clara is doing.  
I love the light in these last two shots.  My old camera would never have found it.  Love feelings for the Nikon Coolpix P100.
I love this picture!  This is so Bridget and yet it's a side of her few people see.

These children are all being told to do the same thing.  Hmmmm.  :)

Touch your ear.
Okay - NOW we're getting somewhere.  Maybe they won't have to get by on their looks, Kristi.  Ha!
Can you tell what Ed's laugh sounds like from this photo?
This fountain always looks amazing.
What is this flower?  It looks like lettuce.

So, no artists, but still pretty fun.


Jen said...

It's decorative cabbage. Gorgeous pics- I hope that means you are sending some sun our way. Ech to the cold stuff!

melissa said...

Beautiful! Bridget looks so happy to be there. I want to go to there, too. Hooray for your new camera!

Mom said...

Bridgie looks so happy to be with Clara - old friends are the best.:) Great photos!

Kristi said...

We had a blast! And your pictures turned out so darling. Yeah, my kids are often times not the brightest stars, but they are the cutest! ;0