Monday, November 22, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: A Happy Thanksgiving in 1980

I'm sure there is a smiley version of this photo somewhere.  Most of my collection of Grandpa Lloyd's photos are the rejects that didn't make it into his albums.  I don't know why, but the rejected photos are usually my favorite.  Can't you just see here that the kids in the photo had just been busted for something ("cleaning" Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie's brass bed with Windex perhaps?) and my parents were probably tired of keeping us in line.  Then the newlyweds, Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie, in the back smiling their faces off.  Good times.

From left to right around the table: Me, Mom, Melissa, Allyn, Grandpa, Julie, Koryn, Mark, Grandma, Katy, Dad, Jen

Happy Thanksgiving this week, everyone!  Sure wish we could be with all of our family.  It would mean five or six kids' tables, but still!


allyn said...

that is a fun one. jen's hair looks glamorous, though. i look just like noah and mom is wearing panty hose with pants. my legs are itching just thinking about it. definitely good times.

melissa said...

So many looks of shame! Except mine. I pity the fool who washes Aunt Julie's bed with Windex.

Can you even imagine how crazy it would be if we were all together for Thanksgiving dinner? We'd have to rent out a hall.

Mom said...

Let's do that! Rent out a hall, I mean, and have five or six kid tables.:) Happy Thanksgiving, all!

koryn said...

Oh yes, I love the hall idea! Let's plan next year! The "kids table" in my old Burch Creek house still brings a smile to my face when I think of it. One of my favorite Furniss Family memories.

I have discovered my childhood in Grandpa's albums. My mom rarely picked up a camera and my Dad did not really start shooting until the little kids were born. Turns out that Grandpa has many pictures of me as a little kid that I never knew existed. I am going to try to scan and copy some for my own history - if only as proof of life from age 5 to 8!

Super long comment but also wanted to add my feelings of absolute joy for the new rapscallions about to join your darling family. Joy, small, simple word, but full of the true happiness of the heart.

Super, super long comment: I want to visit Vermont and I want you and all of your family to come along. That would make it perfect!