Saturday, November 27, 2010


I started this year collecting pewter plates and other items so that I could host the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER at my house.  It was going to be epic.  A month ago when the stress volume in our life went up several notches, I started clearing things off my schedule.  That's when I handed the hosting duties over to my Mom.  She was happy to do it, but nothing seemed to be working out for anyone else to travel to her house.  So!  A week ago we switched Thanksgiving dinner back to our house.  We just shoved all the stuff we've cleaned out of storage and closets back into the storage and closets, brought up the tables, assigned most of the food to the attendees, and ended up having a very beautiful and relaxing dinner.

First of all, the table turned out fantastic.  We used Mom's table cloth, napkins, goblets, pumpkin candles and centerpiece.  It sounds like there wasn't much left for me to provide, but those are my plates, bowls, chargers, flatware, and table runner.

It looked even better when the candles were lit.

We had eight adults and only three children.  It was kind of a pathetic kids' table, but I'm sure in two years (when it's our turn again) it will be Crazytown.

Sitting at the table is never my favorite pose and it seems like the people in these next photos have the same feelings.  Fake smiles all around!  (At least I didn't include the ones where we were chewing.  Even though I said very loudly, "I'm taking your picture if you'd rather not be chewing in it.")

Makenzie's face in this photo reminds me of when Anne used to do her Dick Van Patten (the dad on "Eight is Enough") smile.  (Also, I love that their kids happen to be in the background.)
Pies were kind of a bust this year.  We had a lot of them, but not many to write home about.  Unless it's to lodge a complaint.  One of the favorites ended up being this beautiful cherry pie with leaf cut outs.

I waited a little too long to catch the "blue" light coming through the blinds, but it was still pretty.  The candles are all from Honeylights in Bristol, Vermont.

We all traced our hands onto a pillowcase to send to Uncle Aaron in the mission field.

Did I mention that the kids finished before us and had a little impromptu dance party in Bridget's room?

Brian borrowed a game from work and recruited me, Makenzie, David, and a very reluctant Grandpa Humbug to play it with him.  There were renegades, outlaws, a sheriff, a deputy and a whole lotta rules. :) Everyone else went downstairs to watch Toy Story 3.  This was our second year with tea and pie and I say it stays for good.

It may not have been the Thanksgiving I'd been dreaming of, but it sure was nice.  I guess it's like that when you have family and good food in the same place at the same time.


Jill said...

Lovely table. The candles are beautiful.

Jen said...

17 grandkids at our Day After Thanksgiving Celebration. Could you hear us from there?
Sorry we didn't leave much room on that pillowcase :)

Katy said...

Can you believe that with the same families you had at your house this year, next year if you had the same families there, there would be twice as many kids?! What a difference a year makes! gorgeous table!!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. Family and food are the best mix!

allyn said...

sorry the pies and game were a bust, but i am glad it wasn't as stressful as it sounded it might be. my table wasn't pretty, but my pies worked !!! haha. okay, that is not totally true. i botched the pecan big time. same reason as mom, i imagine.

melissa said...

That table is beautiful! "Fake smiles all around!"--bahahaha. They're smiling with their mouths, but not with their eyes. heeeheeee