Monday, February 21, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Arthur, Helena, and Lucille

I thought I'd already posted this picture, but I haven't.  This is my Grandma Carol's mother, Helena Lallatin Chester, with her children, Arthur and Lucille.  They look like they're going somewhere here...  This is before 1914 since Lucille is the baby.  Arthur died before 1914 as well.  Helena was one of those people who took care of everyone and she became ill while tending to one of her sisters and the sister's family, all of whom had some terrible virus.  Arthur became sick soon after that and his little body couldn't overcome it. 


allyn said...

this photo is most classic. helena looks like she is off to the suffragette meeting at the town hall. the kids are too much. very sweet.

Mark and Julie Ann Furniss said...

Nicole, thank you for the wonderful pictures you post of the family. They are priceless to us
Aunt Julie

Mom said...

If this is just before Arthur died, Helena could be pregnant with Grandma Carol. She and Lucille were pretty close in age. Thanks again for sharing a treasure.

Nicole said...

She does look like she could be pregnant!

How fun to see my handsome Aunt and Uncle! If you two are looking at this blog, I'm inspired to keep posting. :)

Allyn, your comment made me think, "Put these things away, Ellen. You know how the cause infuriates Mr. Banks."