Friday, February 25, 2011

That Rustic Informal Look

The babies' nursery has been done for a few months, but I still get a thrill (for the eyes, not the nose) every time I'm in there.  I'm really glad I got it done before all the craziness started.  We used this room as Bridget's nursery, but moved her into a different bedroom when she vacated her crib for good.  For about two and a half years it served as an extra guest room, or as Bridget called it, "Uncle Aaron's Room."

You'll notice I didn't take a true "before" picture because that would be too humiliating.  This was after it was cleaned up and before we took down the curtains.  The only thing that survived the remodel was that bobble head of Don Newcombe.
The crib on the left is Bridget's old one.  The dresser (that we're also using as a changing table) was my Furniss grandparents' and I painted it.  We've had the rug since the first year we were married and there were plenty of times I thought I should get rid of it - now I'm glad I didn't.  (I hate finding out that hoarding is a good thing.)  The crib on the right is borrowed from Andrea.  She made it!  Then she put it together at my house:

I painted the whole room myself several times.  I've never worked with such a crazy color!  Trying to keep it off the ceiling and the moldings was difficult, but worth it. This is a view of the closet doors before the makeover.  Yes, that's where all the stuff in the room went.   

Those adorable ties were made by my friend Rachelle.  I knew Rachelle's little boy from nursery before I met Rachelle.  He was always so dapper at church with his sweet ties.

Needing two of everything was something I wasn't expecting.  I had found a deeply discounted crib bumper that I loved a couple of years ago and I went ahead and bought it just in case we got a boy baby ever.  (Two years is a long time to keep a crib bumper "just in case."  More hoarding.)

When we found out we were getting twins, I went back to Down East Home and crossed my fingers that maybe I could find something in the same color at least.
The lighting is different on the airplane bumper, but trust me - they are exactly the same colors!  A Christmas Miracle!

My other big thing was wanting crown molding.  Brian flat out refused to do it by himself.  I was nervy enough to ask my insanely busy neighbor to do it.  That's how bad I wanted it.  The airplane finials are also my favorite.

This last picture is one of my favorite views of the room.  Both of the boys got nice teddy bears from Santa at the Ronald McDonald House and similar soft toys from friends and family, so this tableau is in both cribs.

I love a good makeover.  When you put the "before" and "after" pictures right next to each other it's especially satisfying. :)  Go get some more satisfaction from Between Naps on the Front Porch's "Metamorphosis Monday."


Kirk said...

I love it!! Great work.

Angelyn said...

oops....I guess Kirk was signed in. I'm sure he likes it too :)

Jess said...

What a fun nursery! I am getting all sorts of ideas for our next little addition- thanks for posting!

melissa said...

I, too, love a good makeover and this one is awesome! I loved seeing it in person. The airplane finials and ties on the door are my favorite little details. So sweet!

Allison Shops said...

Cute room! DD2 is expecting August, and she's gathering ideas now. She's planning on using a Jenny Lind crib too. Dropping by from Met Monday, with a post on repurposed shelving.


Kirby said...

I love what you did with the room!

Emily said...

I love this room! How fun twins!!! I had a little boy a couple years ago and looked at both those bumpers at PB...Loved them both. Every detail is so cute.

allyn said...

it is fascinating how a simple bold paint color change affects the entire feel of a room. good luck getting the boys to sleep in their at the same time for piano lessons. you can do anything!!

The Vintage Attic said...

What a fabulous make over..I don't think I could pick a favorite thing , maybe that crown molding, the paint color, airplane finials, see I just can't pick one. You should pat your self on the back, a child would be thrilled to call this room his.


Rachelle said...

I'm so glad the ties made it into the room! I did buy the red fabric just with you in mind. :) I want to come see the whole thing in person sometime. Maybe when things are on a more even keel for us all? (But will that ever happen?)

Andrea said...

I am glad that you finally made the boys sleep in their own room!!! Newborns are way too noisy, especially squeaky ones like Colin. (XOXO) You are nothing like a hoarder, you are exceptionally clean! I can see airplane bunkbeds in there someday...