Monday, February 7, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Katy's Beauty Parlor

We had Grandpa's funeral last Saturday (more on that later) and my Mom brought his photo albums for us to browse through and take photos that were special to us.  (Or in most of our cases, take photos out that no one will ever get to see again.  I'm talking about you, photos of me 1985-1991.)  Grandpa didn't put every photo he took into an album.  Sometimes he put the negatives of a roll of film onto one sheet.  That's where we found some really fun treasures. 

On a series of photos labeled "February 1979 in Oakley" I found photos of Katy and me soon after Katy had given me a haircut.  I understand her children (all girls) like to give each other haircuts.  So here is the budding stylist-

 And this is her work-

I bet I asked for "a little off the top."  You get what you pay for.  (Seriously, there I am using scissors...)


Mom said...

You look like you're planning to get even! I guess Katy's kids come by this honestly. Funny. This would have been just a few weeks after we moved into the Oakley house. I'll have to take a closer look at those proof sheets.

allyn said...

those proof sheets are full of goodies. it looks like you took a little time to practice on some paper before you went for anyone's hair.
why are scissors so attractive to little kids and their hair?

Jen said...

I found so much gold in the proof sheets. So excited to scan them. Love that Nicole face- hahaha!

melissa said...

That's it! THAT'S The Nicole Face!

Those proof sheet were gold. I found a series of Grandma Furniss holding me as a baby and Grandma Bessie holding me as a baby. GOLD, I tell you!