Thursday, February 3, 2011

Party for the Grandparents

We finally got to celebrate Grandma Denise's 70th birthday last weekend.  Since Grandpa Harold's was the next day, we threw a candle on the cake for him as well.  This was the first real outing for the babies - not counting a visit to the doctor.  We wanted to get out the door by 3:00 and everything was looking good at 2:40.  Feeding almost complete, both adults and Bridget dressed and ready.  Then a flurry of craziness and puking and wardrobe changes.  BAH.  We were out the door by 3:20.

We had food from the Olive Garden, so no one had to cook, which was a huge bonus.  Grandma's present was all of her 8mm family movies put on DVD so we could watch them.

The babies were held by pros all afternoon.  I think Emil got his photo taken with every cousin.

This is Janessa with Colin.  Reminds me of when I was a teenager and I thought it would be The Best Thing Ever to have twins!  Maybe even a few sets!  Ah, the things you know before you are a parent.  I'm pretty sure Colin would love to be held and smiled at like that all day long.

Here we are together!  Secretly we're together most of the time and usually this close, but who wants a picture of Mama with no make-up on and crazy hair and Dad in pajama pants?  Brian is holding Emil and I'm holding Colin.  They are fraternal twins, btw.  If you couldn't tell from this picture.

We were at Aunt Diana and Uncle Kyle's house for the party and it's been a while since they've had a toddler at their home.  A basket of bananas were down low enough for Nathan to find and unfortunately for Diana, Nate LOVES bananas. 

I think he peeled at least five of them.  BANANA!  NATE NATE!  BANANA!  (While we were watching the home movies he shouted, "FUMBLE!" a couple of times.)

When we got home that night and Brian and I were feeding the babies, Bridget sat on the couch between us and revealed that she had "a rough time tonight."  Her favorite cousin, Abby, wanted to hold babies instead of their usual routine of playing hard.  Grandpa tried to make up for it. :)

Brian and all his siblings are doing math here.  It's how they like to party hard.

What better way to celebrate a big birthday than with lots and lots of help with blowing out four candles?  Nate blew and blew on this cake, but Uncle Kyle finally had to step in and extinguish the flames for him since the cake was about to fall on the floor.  I sort of got a picture of it, but I was laughing so hard it didn't turn out.  Nate chased Kyle and the candles into the kitchen, where Kyle had to light one again and let him blow it out.  Lesson learned, eh Uncle Kyle. :)


Kristi said...

I love love love the family picture of you guys! And the one of Bridget on Grandpa's shoulders. Those are my favorite memories. Oh, and the banana frenzy. Bahaha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful birthday party. I think the "boys" were the ones in the spotlight - we just couldn't get enough of them. The 8mm film put on DVD was the best present ever - brings back lots of memories.
Love, Grandpa and Grandma K.

Clare said...

OMG!! I just sent you a comment a little bit ago asking you about a quilt pattern. And to my surprise, TWINS!! I have fraternal twins, boy and girl, age 16 and I have a fraternal twin sister!! I have read bits and pieces of your blog but will have to get off my computer now so I would like to read your adoption stories! You have a beautiful family! And, Happy Quilting!!

allyn said...

fun times with the kunze's. the banana story is hilarious. congrats on your first outing. you are a champ and a pro now.