Monday, February 14, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Valentine Grandma

Several months ago I posted the wedding photo of Anton and Rosine Lallatin, my Grandma Carol's maternal grandparents.  Today I'm posting a photo of the two of them the way my Grandma knew them - as old people.

You can tell that Anton has light blue eyes and it's nice that Rosine is still smiling.  Life looks like it was pretty hard for them.  The reason I'm posting about them today is that I also have a sweet little Valentine from Rosine to my Grandma Carol.

I've mentioned it before, but it tickles me to know that my great great grandmother sent Valentines to her grandchildren, just like my Mom does for her grandchildren.  It's an instinctive tradition! Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!


allyn said...

WHAT?!!!! you have a picture of these people AND a mint condition valentine from her? it looks like a pop-up card, too. how does that stay fresh for so long? that is too sweet.

allyn said...
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Nicole said...

It is a pop up. Grandma Furniss kept EVERYTHING. She has an entire scrapbook filled with Valentines from her friends. From grade school.