Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

First item of business, go check out Hey Nonny today.  I'm their guest writer and I don't want those nice, smart ladies finding out I'm a fraud.  Plus, I'm all about making you feel better about your housekeeping skills.  (Was that enough of a tease?)

Last Sunday I had all my sisters (and sister-in-law, Claire) at my house.  At the same time!  Mom and Dad were here for some of it, too.  We had a nice dinner and I was able to cook with both hands since there were so many lovey aunties to hold babies and tend to Bridget's needs.  My parents brought Grandpa Furniss's photo albums for us to continue browsing through.  We laughed and laughed and laughed

Allyn burping Colin.  She wore this outfit to church and my bishop asked if she was here going to school.  Tee he he.
Melissa holding Emil.
Jennie and Me looking at proof sheets.  We're probably smiling at our hair-dos back in the day.
Melissa breaking my wood bowl.

Bridget whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  (Also known as telling me she's got too much food on her plate and can she have a cookie?)

I believe Mom is trying to get a choir number started here.
It's been a while since Katy has had a baby, obviously.  That bite is way too big.
We moved half the couch into the front room (we needed two dining tables) and it's pretty snug in there, but we left it that way and I'm starting to like it.  This is one of those photos that make me think, "There's TWO of them!"
Poor Bridget really was so sick all weekend.  Katy watched a dozen movies with her and I caught her playing Memory with Melissa a few times.  If only Chloe had been there! :)
My long-suffering friend, Shannon, came over and took photos of us with five different cameras.  I took this one from Melissa's collection because Shannon was right - I was making a weird face in mine.


allyn said...

yes, there are two of them. i was trying to feed one and console the screaming other while you were pretending to be asleep upstairs. twins are not a good idea, even though they are too stinkin' cute and sweet. thanks for letting me be a new mommy for a day. and thanks for everything else you did last weekend. it was so nice and so wonderful to be with everyone

melissa said...

Bah! Why do you have a picture of me breaking your bowl? I'm SO SORRY! You and Katy were making weird faces in every other picture I have of us together. What's weird is that you both would look normal and then I'd crop it closer and you would be making crazy faces. Very bizarre. Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon!

Jill said...

The whole sister thing just kills me with jealousy. I have no sisters!

Thank goodness I have sister-in-laws, or I don't know what I would do.

The boys are getting so big!