Monday, March 7, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Jennie and Nicole

I've mentioned before how important music is in my family.  From the time we started school, we had a practice time in the morning before we left for school.  I don't think I ever had the earliest shift (was that always Allyn?) except for a few times and I remember how quiet the house was and how hesitant I was to really play the piano.  None of us heard the piano after a while, though, because someone was always playing it.  Jennie and I played duets all the time.  We even had our own version of Heart & Soul that was kind of awesome.  It wasn't until I tried playing duets with other people that I realized that Jennie and I share a frequency that I don't have with anyone else.  (Secretly, Jennie is good enough that she finds that frequency with other people.)  We could always tell when the other one was about to do something.  During "Sleigh Ride" there was a point in the music when Jennie would always say, "Don't forget."  I needed to hear that, or I would forget that one of the repeats is different from the rest...every time.
Just think, if Mom hadn't had the patience to teach us to play the piano, we never would have known how connected we are.  Everything else about Jennie and me is different.  Now we know we're different, but same.  :)  (Hey!  The pattern on our dresses, which my Mom made, is a pumpkin seed!)


Mom said...

I love my Monday morning cry when I see the family history photo.:) That is the pumpkin seed pattern - how cool is that? Weren't those the dresses for Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie's wedding reception? It seems like Katy had blue and Allyn had peach. Melissa was a baby.
Jen started the early morning shift until she had to go to Madrigals, then Allyn took over. You probably had the early shower shift.:)

melissa said...

Awww. What a sweet couple of girls in a couple of pictures. It's nice when you develop a kind of "shorthand" with other performers. Makes it a pleasure.

Jen said...

I promise I have never found that perfection of connection with anyone else. "Sis-ters, sis-sters, never were there such devoted sis-ters...." Now I understand why it says 'don't forget' on my copy of Sleigh Ride. I forgot :) I'm honored to be featured on Family History Monday. (I'm pretty sure our body ratio is exactly the same as that first photo still)

allyn said...

who knew those pictures would be so prophetic? i have never had a duet soul mate. i didn't play many duet's, though. love these memories.