Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bridget, Kind and True

Reagan and Bridget after preschool.

I feel like Bridget hasn't gotten her due lately.  She is THE BEST.  You are all jealous.  And not in the way Mrs. Ohlson used to tell Nellie, you are all really jealous.  First of all, when she gets home from school Bridget takes off her shoes and goes straight to the bathroom to wash her hands so she can touch the babies.  She is four years old.  Sometimes when the boys need to eat at the same time, Bridget and I will sit together and she'll feed Colin while I feed Emil (Colin is smaller and more open to getting "burped" every other minute).  When the boys cry, Bridget sings "Once Upon a December" to them in the dowager empress's old lady singing voice to calm them down.  (Both babies smile every time they see her, by the way.)

Bridget loves to do my hair - she tries all her headbands and crowns on me and puts lots and lots of lip gloss on my lips.  Just before a family party on Sunday she did my hair and make-up (as well as her own) and assured me that we would be the most beautiful girls at the party.
Bridget eating left over Tortilla Soup for lunch and dipping the chips like Mama does.

In the past Bridget has had a hard time eating all her food at mealtimes.  Not anymore.  She finishes her food and makes polite conversation, including a recitation of our phone number as many times as we request it.  Can you even stand it?!  She is the cutest.  Every morning she asks me what the plan is.  Bridget helps me clean and cook and she sets the table for dinner every night.

I just have one question, what is this:
I know it's a toy vacuum double swaddled in baby blankets, but what does it mean?


Jill said...

Hey, Vacuums need some TLC too! I never give mine enough.

I am jealous. Bridget is a gem.

allyn said...

bridget is some kind of angel. after all the drama from being sick, she is back to her old perfect self. good thing she can actually be helpful.

Jess said...

I am so jealous! What an angel! It must be so nice to have her help with the babies- I hope Emmett will be the same way in 5 months. I wish I could help with the snuggly vacuum mystery, but it is very confusing. ;)

Jen said...

Yup. Totally jealous.
(Nanette's mom had a vacuum cozy with a craft bunny at the top- so the vacuum became one very long bunny. Much scarier)