Monday, March 28, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Picnics with the Furnisses

I'm in the mood to go outside.  It's still too cold (so lame) around here, so I'm going to post some fun picnic photos from the past.  First, a picnic with the Furniss family in the 1950s.
BJ and Winnifred Furniss (my great grandparents).  They would have been the generation in charge of a gathering like this.  You know how there is always a generation in charge. :)
If I had another minute, I could look up the girl on the left - is it Priscilla?  I know that's Jemima Furniss on the right.  She wore a hat to the picnic!  I love it.  She is my great great grandmother.
This is most likely a different picnic, but I can't really tell.  You can see Grandma Carol and Grandpa Lloyd and the braid and elbow of my Mom, Peggy, just behind them.
This is definitely a different picnic.  That's Grandma Carol trying to feed an adorable ME in May 1975.  I put short sleeves on Emil the other day and his arms look just like this.  It's my new favorite thing.
So!  For those of you still "enjoying" cold weather, I hope you're dreaming of picnics now.  Then we'd be the same.


melissa said...

Awesome. Those Furniss genes are strong!

Last week we took a picnic basket to a lighthouse on the banks of the Mississippi. Jealous much? Don't be. It snowed all weekend.

Mom said...

That is Priscilla in the left in the second picture and Jemima also has her apron on along with the hat and sweater. She probably never took the apron off. What fun pictures! And it's snowing here right now - will this ever end?