Friday, April 1, 2011

First Sunburn of the Year

Rolling by the waterfall
 Yesterday was so beautiful!  We actually watched the weather report at the beginning of the week and decided that Thursday would be the day we went to Thanksgiving Point and RAN.  Bridget was about to come out of her skin with excitement.  She talks pretty much ALL THE TIME, but her planning and discussing of our trip to Thanksgiving Point with the babies was epic.  When the day finally arrived I started getting everyone ready at 9:00am and we didn't get out of the house until 11:12am.  (Baths for all three kids separately, eating, dressing - again all three kids separately.  It's a great workout.)

When we got to the gardens I discovered that my membership had expired a few weeks ago.  Everyone had to wait for me while I renewed it.  Tyce spent the time hugging and kissing Bridget with extreme happiness. :)  The kids ran ahead of us and kept running ahead of us pretty much until we were back in the main building two and a half hours later.  I guess our plan worked because they were exhausted.  One problem, I was exhausted too.  Next time no bottles when we go to the park.  And no puking.  Poor Emil, he still isn't loving the outdoors and he puked on me three times while we were out.  I was sticky.  With puke.  Once we got home and everyone was taking a nap, it was time for my piano students. And yet, I can't wait to go again.  :)

Lauren and Angelyn trying to calm Emil.
Lauren knew it was the binky he wanted.  Or she was trying to steal it for herself.  One.
Cute Connor played peek-a-boo with his Mom over Colin's head.  This is Colin's Emperor from Star Wars look.  The Force is powerful with Colin.
This is Weston, Rachelle's enormous and beautiful baby.  He is six weeks younger than the twins and he already weighs more than Colin.  And maybe Emil.  
No water in the fountain yet.
We wondered if the pink cheeks were from all the running and rolling, but Bridget's is a sunburn.
Emil is not happy with me at this time.
Lauren and Connor shared a ride back.
This is on the way back - that's why they're walking slow enough for me to take a picture.  Notice they're on the grass instead of the path.


Angelyn said...

That was a great time and we are excited to go again (soon)!. Lauren was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home. Unfortunately she didn't go back to sleep when I got her out of the van. The rosy cheeks = sunburn on us too. Next time, we'll grab the sunscreen. Cute pictures. Thanks for bringing your camera.

melissa said...

Your life right now sounds exhausting, but lovely. High-five for surviving such a long outing with all the kids.

Kristi said...

So sad we missed it, but be very glad we didn't share the germs. Ed shared with me and Dan. We're completely miserable now. :( Boo!

allyn said...

how sweet that they hold hands. did you get snow sunday? it looked like a fresh blanket at conference. glad you guys got to go out . emil will not resist. it is futile. being outside is the best!

Rachelle said...

This was an awesome day! I wish I had taken more pictures. Our sunburns are gone now, so I guess it's time to go again!

Weston is 13 lbs 10 oz, by the way. He is ginormous.