Monday, April 4, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Lallatin Cousins

I probably shouldn't post photos I know so little about.  I do know that Helena Lallatin Chester is second from the left on the back row.  My Grandma Carol Chester is the little girl in front looking happy to be there and her sister Lucille is standing behind Grandma on the left.  I believe that's Howard (their brother) to the left of Lucille.  And I'm pretty sure the boy on the far right in the overalls is in my ward right now.  Don't know how he managed to get into a 100 year old photo.  We've seen these kids together before.  Hey!  This photo is almost exactly like that other one - it's got to be from the same day (Christmas?).  They've added the mamas to the picture and the house in the background.  The kids are looking at the camera and seem a little more organized in this one.  Maybe Helena and her sister had to take charge of the operation and get everyone in a nice pyramid for their Christmas photo.  Is anyone else thinking about how hard it would be to keep that house and yard clean?

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allyn said...

excellent commentary. there is no way to keep that house clean. it probably had a dirt floor anyway, so why bother trying to keep it clean. glad those days are over. actually, i sometimes think i have a dirt floor in my house.
the picture is still a treasure.