Monday, May 9, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Saturday Night Special, January 6, 1980

Saturday was a "special" day when I was a kid.  That was the day we cleaned the house, got food ready for Sunday, ran away from home, got our hair "pinned up."  Go back, you say?  Yes, I remember "running away" from home on a Saturday morning in Oakley.  I went to Sandy Wadsworth's house and they were having oatmeal and not watching cartoons.  That cured me - Sandy had it worse than I did.  Anyway.  My Mom used to put our hair in pink sponge rollers on Saturday night.  I always dreaded my turn because you did not (DID NOT) turn your head to look at the TV when Mom was putting your hair in rollers.  So you'd miss whatever was on the 14" black and white TV while your hair was getting done.  (Seriously - we might as well have "watched" the radio.)

Here we are on a Saturday night in 1980.  The reason there are pictures is because we were at Grandma and Grandpa Furniss's house.  My parents were on a date to celebrate their 8th anniversary and they left their 5 children with Mom's parents.  Five children in 8 years.

From left to right, Katy (remember that bracelet?!), Allyn (under the table and up to no good), Jennie and Melissa.

A rare jewel - Jennie playing with a Barbie doll.  Same as her life now... or not.
This is very close to what I see every morning, only with real babies.  (That's me, by the way.)


Katy said...

I love these pictures! Life was so simple back then. What a champ Mom was for sticking to the curlers routine for all those years. I can't do that with my own daughters. And I'm sure Allyn was up to NO GOOD under the table.

Mom said...

I would like to point out that I did get the curlers in before Dad and I "ran away from home".:) I love all the dolls! And I still have most of them. Thanks for these "moments of life" frozen in time.

allyn said...

such a sweet collection. is that your blanky in that last picture? i seem to remember it being a thermal/waffle type thing.
gma and gpa's house was tiny, but we did find so much to do.

melissa said...

Sweet! I have another one sheet with me in that outfit, but it wasn't labeled. Now I know when the magic happened. Thanks, man.

Saturday nights still remind me of macaroni and cheese, Solid Gold, and pink curlers.