Monday, June 13, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: New Dad in Checkered Pants 1975

I've always thought this photo was taken in Indiana, but the last time I had photos from this time period they were from Fayetteville or Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Either way, that's me, a chubby baby, with my Dad, Robert Lee.  He's 26 years-old in this photo and I am 1 year old.  These have always been some of my favorite photos - Grandpa Furniss took a whole series of Dad, Jennie, and me playing around the front porch of our house.

My Dad likes to give little children misinformation.  When we would tell him about a good grade we got at school he would say that we were "superfluous!"  I believe I was in high school before I saw or heard that word in the correct context and thought, "Hey..."  I know we're pretty casual here with our diapers and nothing else, but how about those hounds-tooth pants?!  Yeah!

It makes me smile that Jennie and I have such cute hair and no clothes.  Ha!


Mom said...

That was the rental house we lived in before we got housing on post at Ft. Bragg. It's also the only way we remember the address. When Gpa Curtis saw the pictures he said, "Is is THAT hot there that they don't wear clothes?". Yes, it was THAT hot there. Such cuties - all three of you! :)

melissa said...

Even with his nice combo, that's one handsome dad.

See how you notice stuff? Perfect hair, but no clothes. Hilarious.

allyn said...

these are some fun pictures. i love that last one. i also love the look on your face in both the top ones. dad looks quite young. 26 is young, i guess. love those chubby naked babies.

Jen said...

Well, I guess I know what Taylor is going to look like when he's 60....the resemblance is scary! Now I know why I prefer not to wear shirts on hot days :)

kenzie said...

Oh! I love these pictures! Dad is so cute and you girls are such chunks. Why are my babies so skinny? And yes, your hair being done and your clothes not being on is hilarious.