Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day!

Grandma endured a lot of smoke cooking the steaks for the men folk.
We celebrated Father's Day with Brian's family in true style - steaks and Caramel Cake.  Technically the cake was for Brian's and Bridget's birthdays.  (Second year in a row I made a delicious and hideous-looking cake.  Booo.)  As usual the food was great and it was fun to see everyone.

Emil found the flamingo Nate gave to Grandpa and made out with it for a long time.

Colin's first priority at the family parties is to find Janessa and get some love.
Bridget and Brian are listening to "Happy Birthday" and contemplating that ugly/delicious cake.
Success!  All the dreams will come true this year.
Bridget LOVES her grandparents.  Last time we were getting ready to go visit them she said, "I like going to Grandma's because she lets me do whatever I want."  That's as it should be. :)

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