Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Six Months

Our boys are six months old!  They can do so many things now that they couldn't do last month.  Because they are geniuses, of course.

Emil B.

At the beginning of their sixth month, both Emil and Colin were sick.  I took them to the doctor and he was pretty concerned about Emil.  He made an appointment for us at Primary Childrens' Hospital for a sweat test to determine if Emil has cystic fibrosis.  They put gauze on the inside of his elbows, shocked him to get the sweat glands going, then wrapped his arms in plastic and more gauze and two blankets around his body and had us hold him like that for 30 minutes.  He never cried and he didn't squirm.  Emil is such a patient baby.  The tests confirmed that he doesn't have cystic fibrosis. 
Emil weighs 18 lbs. 6 oz. and he is 26 inches tall.  He can hold his own bottle!  A six month birthday MIRACLE.  Now that the babies are eating food twice a day, most of my time involves feeding them.  It's so nice to pop the bottle in their mouths and only have to worry about it when they lose interest and start turning their heads too much.  Emil also rolls and scoots and grabs at toys (and hair and food on the table).  Check out this talent.
Target has been sighted.
Plan A: Pull the blanket to get closer to target.
Mayday!  Mayday! 
Target is secured and as delicious as it appeared.
Emil has two circular crowns on top of his head and they appear to be pushing his hair up into a fauxhawk.  His eyes are getting darker all the time, but they're not quite brown - more gray.  When he's upset or sleepy, Emil loves to be sung to and held.  He is the state champion of sleep in his weight class (68th percentile).

Colin moves constantly.  He is on the job, people!  He loves to watch us and lick us and laugh when we laugh.  Colin experiments with sounds a lot more than Emil does (my theory is that it hurts Emil's voice).  Colin's favorite new noise is a pterodactyl.  My favorite.  Not.  He screeches and squeals and makes a lot of noise for someone so tiny.  Colin is "What About Bob" when he eats, too.  "Mmmmmmm!  Mmmmmm!"
Colin can hold his own bottle, too!  He loves food.  He's become a really good eater - he even loved peas the other day.  Colin weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz., a whole 5 lbs. less than his brother and he's 25 inches tall.  Colin moves all over the place.  As soon as he figures out how to go forward, he'll be in the crawling business.  Right now he gets his hands under him and goes backward on his belly.  Then he gets mad when the toy is further away.
Colin's eyes are blue and his hair is strawberry blonde.  He loves being deliciously scared and watching Bridget do anything.  He's very cuddly and lovey.  Just don't let him get close to your ears when he's in pterodactyl mode.

Emil and Colin's moments of brotherhood are short.  I love to see one trying to comfort the other.  This morning Emil was crying and Colin put a knowing hand on his shoulder.  Then in his mouth.  Fleeting.  They also don't share at all.

Colin will be used to disappointment.  Look how skinny his waist is compared to Emil!!  They don't wear the same size anything.  My plan is not working.


Jill said...

I cried with joy when my boys could finally hold there on bottle. It was momentous for me.

Your boys are coming along nicely. Very cute too.

KQ said...

So cute! Maybe your new plan could be to buy new clothes for Emil and then Colin gets all the hand-me-downs. :)

Sara said...

They are so adorable! And what a relief about the cystic fibrosis tests.

melissa said...

I CAN'T WAIT to hug those little punkins next week! Happy six months!