Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Last time we got together with Makenzie and her kids, Gabriel and Bridget made big plans for us to go to their house and jump on the trampoline.  For days Bridget would marvel, "I can't believe Graybiel has a trampoline!  We should get a trampoline, Mama.  Don't you think we need a trampoline?"  And so on.  Makenzie and I decided we should have a Memorial Day cook-out at her house.  It rained almost all day Monday and the whole time we were in the car on the way to Makenzie's house.  And then, a Memorial Day Miracle - it stopped raining right as we pulled into their driveway and it was sunny a few minutes later.  Let the jumping commence!

Baby Claire shouted everything she said, which was adorable.  She was so excited to have Bridget at her house!  It was nice to eat summer food finally, too.
Gabriel stole his Daddy's drink and it made him happy.
Emil and Brian sat back and watched Uncle David grill the hamburgers and hot dogs and corn.
Six months ago we just had Bridget, Gabriel and Claire to entertain us when the Utah siblings got together.  Now we have twice as many children!  Craziness.  And Makenzie is about to have another one, too.
Here's our newest cousin, Rob and Claire's little Ian.  I get the feeling he does not approve of something. :)
Colin loves to be held by David's lovable sister, Jessica.
Emil wanted that beard.
Pretty soon we're going to run out of adults to hold all the babies.  (This is Makenzie holding Ian.)
Baby Claire finally got to jump high with the big kids when Uncle Brian came out to test the strength of the patches and springs on the trampoline.
I just realized I got no photos of me or Aunt Claire.  We were there!  I'll have proof next time.


Mom said...

Good thing you identified Ian or I would never have known who he was! I haven't seen him since Easter and he looks completely different now. So cute.:) We'll get to know each other when he comes to stay next week. These are all such great pictures! So, how did that tramp hold out?

allyn said...

yes, thank you for showing us mr. ian. so cute.
emil is cracking me up. in the previous post he looks like a body builder in that striped shirt, and on this one he is stretching the limits of his bear footed stretch pants and his letterman jacket. ahaha.
looks like good times at the martinez'.