Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sew & Tell: Apple Core Secret Revealed!

Remember how I said it took me a long time to make that last apple core quilt?  Well, I had enough Quiltsmart interfacing left to do another one and I had 3/4 of a layer cake of 3 Sisters "Oasis" fabric as well as plenty of scraps of other 3 Sisters fabrics that would go...  Ta Da!  I made another one.  This time it was so much fun and so fast!  I recommend doing something difficult and then doing it again after you've practiced.  (Except having twins.)  If you're like me, the first time you see this pattern it blows your mind. 

All those curved pieces!  How does that even work?!  I should have taken a few more photos along the way, but only every other apple core is interfacing.  Before I iron on the apple core, I make a quilt top of squares on point.

The middle of the apple core interfacing goes over each intersection of squares and the negative space from the squares makes another apple core.  Fascinating, right?  Because the squares are on point, the end of each row is a triangle.  Who had the patience to figure out how big to make the squares and triangles so that when the apple core went on top it was the exact right size?  WHO DOES THESE THINGS?  Anyway, I'm glad they did.  I think this quilt pattern is awesome sauce.  Now I need to figure out how to get out of the house to get a border fabric for it.  (That's one of my favorite things about this pattern - it actually looks good scrappy.  I have a lot of scraps.)

This is roughly the same view as the back of the quilt top above.  Can you find the apple cores the squares made?


allyn said...

i had to read this like three times and study the pictures, but now i get it. WHO DOES THESE THINGS? is my question as well. i love this combo of fabrics, bytheway, and it is a totally fun scrappy quilt.

Rae said...

Still lost. But that's ok because I'm not quilt minded like you! It still looks beautiful and I'm glad you took on this challenge. You do amazing work. And you have 3 kids. And you have a clean house. Your hand trumps mine. Enough said.

Karen said...

It looks sensationally scrappy. How clever.