Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blessing Ian

Sunday was a beautiful day.  It was finally warm outside and it was the day Rob blessed his son, Ian.  Rob and Claire's ward meet in a wonderful old building in Provo that has two chapels.  I don't know if it was because I was entertaining Colin and then holding him while he slept, but I was WARM.  Fortunately the baby blessings are at the beginning of the meeting - before Emil had a chance to lose his mind.  (We are a total side show at church these days.  I come home from that three hour block feeling like I did after a triathlon.)  Rob did a wonderful job.  He spoke softly and phrased his hopes for little Ian in a beautiful way.  Then Ian started to cry and Rob finished up quick.  Ian is small, but he is the boss and you do what the boss says.  :) 

Afterward we tried to corral everyone who attended for a picture in the sliver of shade outside.  First we had to wait for everyone, which means Bridget, Gabriel, and Baby Claire found a reason to jump.  That also gave us a chance to set our babies down.  (We left their car seats in the van.  They were blocking the aisle and taking up too much room on the bench.  Later we saw about 20 car seats on the stage in the cultural hall.  Foiled!)

We went to a park near Rob and Claire's apartment for some food and visiting after the blessing.  Bridget and Gabriel ran under the pavilion for the occasional bite of food during their running and sliding and climbing extravaganza.
Ian loves his Mommy.  He was always happiest when she was holding him. 
Those booties are great!  I just noticed them.  While I was editing this photo I noticed the double image of a Daddy holding his baby boy.  That's Brian and Colin sitting behind Rob.  (Yes, that is Rob - wasting away!  He's lost a lot of weight in the last couple of months.)
I love this shot.  Two of my handsome men and Bridget.  When Bridget plays outside her face gets very pink.  She has two layers of sunscreen on here and by the time we got home she looked normal again.  It freaks me out every time.
Not totally happy with my composition here, but I do like Rob's expression  It's strange to see him be a father when he's always my "little" brother in my mind.  He and Claire are doing quality work as new parents.


Jen said...

Rob looks AMAZING!! WoW! I'm impressed. What a beautiful little doll. He couldn't have sweeter parents. (That goes for all of those babies :)

melissa said...

He really does look great! Those booties are very nice. I can see both of his parents in Ian's face. Thanks for taking pictures. I feel like I know just what you're thinking. (I have a lot of Grandma Shirley in me, see.)

allyn said...

ian is especially sweet. the booties look adorable, too. i have NEVER seen rob that slender. what a beautiful day. i am so happy so many of you were able to be there.

Mom said...

Great pictures! It was such a sweet day and everything turned out so well. We're enjoying getting to know Ethan here for a few days.

Jen said...

P.S. Emil in the group picture is totally cracking me up

Katy said...

What a sweet event. I really wish we could be there for more things of this nature. All your posts are awesome, Nicole. Thanks for doing them so often so I can feel connected to you and your family.