Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blessing Day

David, Rob, Jeff, Colin, Grandpa Bob, Emil, Brian, Grandpa, Kyle, and Hal

We had to wait until our adoption of Emil and Colin was finalized before Brian could give them a blessing in church.  In some ways this is great - it gives our family a few more months to figure out our life with two new people in it before we have lots of company come to the house.  It's kind of a problem, though, to try to hold a baby who can't be still for a second (Colin), or a baby who likes to grab things (Emil) while everyone has their eyes closed.

Brian blessed Emil first and said some very sweet words.  Emil is almost 20 lbs., also a big difference between him and a 6 week-old baby.  He grabbed the microphone and managed to turn it off for a second.  Everyone thought Brian was taking a moment to collect himself, but really he was trying to find the microphone. 

We made an awkward switch of babies and Brian blessed Colin second.  Colin tried to turn over on his tummy twice during the blessing and the other men in the circle tossed him back into the middle.  I like that Brian mentioned that Colin came into the world with a friend.  It gives me a lot of comfort that my babies have each other, if only so they don't wrestle their poor sister.

Lee Family from left to right; Grandma Peggy holding Ruby, Claire holding Ian, Rob, Chloe, Melissa, Harrison, Jeff holding Miles, Grandpa Bob holding Colin, Bridget, Nicole holding Emil, Brian, Gabriel, Makenzie, David holding Claire

Brian's side of the family (except Chloe on our porch, of course); Nicolette, Dena, McKade's eyes and hair, Janessa, Jake, Kalvin, Grandma holding Colin, Grandpa, Bridget, Brian, Nicole holding Emil, Diana, Abby, Kyle, Debbie, Nate, and Hal

Everyone who came stayed for the rest of sacrament meeting (at one point the first three rows were almost cleared because so many of us were in the foyer with crying toddlers or babies), then it was on to our house for some mini sandwiches, vegetables and fruit, chips and dip, and COOKIE BUFFET (brilliant idea).  We had people everywhere!  Inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs... And lots of beautiful noise.  Eight children five years old and younger!  Plus all the other kids.  :)

This is after the fight between Gabriel and Miles.  Friends!
Me thinks they've been forced to stay on the porch for the press for too long.
Cookie Buffet, y'all!  I didn't get to try any of those homemade oreos.  I saw Kyle with three.  Vengeance is mine.
We had a pavilion-type tent outside, we thought to keep the sun off, but it ended up being for rain.
Nicolette and Abby on my free quilt outside.

Kalvin, Jake, and McKade slumming it on the patio.

Nate negotiating his drink.
Food!  Glorious food!
Emil B. chillin' on the rug by Grandma.
Colin insisted on NO PRESS.  A guy can only handle so much.
I like this one a lot - both Grandpas, Brian and Emil (and my Mom's profile) all in one photo.
Everyone left with a smile and some cookies.  (Kyle knows what's coming to him, so no smile.)
Or at least chocolate on their face.
Ian blew me some bubbles as he left.  I'm his favorite.
Ruby is already posing for pictures.  (Classic senior portrait pose.)
It was a really special day full of a lot of special moments.  We packed a lot of happiness into 48 hours. 

I'm doing these events out of order.  I'll be posting about the temple next time.  Hopefully this made some of you feel like you were there.  We missed you.  :)


allyn said...

this is wonderful! thank you for posting the silent version of events. the live version does sound more exciting, though. it looks like it was lovely. had we been there, there wouldn't have been three cookies for kyle to swipe. there probably would not have been anything left to take home, either.

and thanks for posting pictures of ian and ruby. so sweet.

Kristi said...

I'm so happy all went well that day (minus the rain). Hooray for blessing days. And hooray for sweet baby boys! I love your boys so much!

Katy said...

Oh what a sweet event that I am so sad we didn't get to see with our own eyes! We love you guys so much. I was looking at this post and yelling at the kids to be quiet, when Vivi came up behind me and said, "Whoa! Those cookies look good!"