Monday, July 11, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Grandma & Grandpa's Front Porch

I have sticky floors to clean, a shower to take, laundry mountain to climb and conquer and children to serve, but I don't feel like doing any of that.  I didn't have a camera with me on Saturday (there are pictures and story to come, though) and I went a little Crazytown with the picture-taking yesterday.  One of my favorite shots of the day was from my own front porch and I decided to highlight Grandma and Grandpa Furniss's front porch for the family history photo today.  These are two of my favorites of the sisters.

Jennie, Melissa, Allyn, Katy, and Nicole off to church in the summer of 1980.  No doubt Jennie, Katy and I were treated to the "HELLO!" song in Primary.  I always dreaded that.  We were there so much that everyone knew who we were, and yet they sang every time.
Jennie, Nicole, Makenzie, Katy, Allyn, and Melissa.  Excited for church again.

Bridget, Abby, Claire, Gabriel, Miles, and Chloe.  Oh, yeah!  My new favorite picture EVER.  Just a sneak peek at the million photos I took yesterday.  :)


Ashley said...

The stiff arm!! Ha! I love it. I'm just noticing how everyone's hair is curled and adorable in those pictures. Kudos to Aunt Peggy, that's a lot of little heads!

allyn said...

she is very proud of those curls, too.
that is classic, nicole. miles is going to get it right in the lip. and chloe doesn't seem to notice the brawl going on beside her. hahaha

kenzie said...

yeah, Gabriel doesn't like to be touched. best picture ever:)